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Default Dion Longworth, job relations with Saad al Hilli?

Dion Longworth.
For whom did he work?
What was his most recent job?
Who were his contacts?

I'm trying to collect evidence from the internet by submitting some screen shots.

Recently he obviously worked on a secret military project with AMX (Dallas, Ft.Worth) where his contact person was a former "Klipsch" company collegue, perhaps or most likely of Pakistani origin, Mr. Fawed Nackvi, an inventor from Westfield, IN, who got several patents on audio processing. Mr. Fawed Nackvi works for AMX as you can easily find out when checking his LinkedIn profile or by searching google.

Yesterday I saw a google search result by accident. The website linked was dead but there was still that google link available with a few email addresses on that certain company website linking to that company. One of those email addresses was the email address of dion longworth.

That's below what was still listed in the google search results:
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] wietech.com.br ….. [email protected] [email protected] tim.porter @securecomponents.com …


There is "dion.longworth" from indyaudiolabs
His collegues who apparently worked on the same project were originally listed on that now defunct www.meder.com website are:
1. A klonsberry from altatronems.com
2. An iewm from wietech.com.br
3. A chrisp from lvcontrol.com
4. A J.Michael Porter from AMX
5. A Tim Porter from securecomponents.com

Secure Components is a delivery company for military, aeronautics and defense products.
Meder produces products for security and so does wietech.

Check out the websites regarding those companies.

Our trigger for research results, however, will be AMX and particularly Fawed Nackvi with whom Dion Longworth apparently worked for Klipsch earlier on.

Well, first let's have a look on the very interesting Fawed Nackvi LinkedIn website (screenshots):

On the Fawed Nackvi job profiles there are Dion Longworth, Javed Nackvi and Kurtis Alexander all listed next to each other.

Now let's have a look at Javed Nackvi. I strongly suggest that you sit down and relax first!

Here is the backlink to Fawed Nackvi from Javed's page:

Here is an interesting contact on Javed Nackvis (probably Pakistan origin) executive contacts:
Martin Gurney from the UK (we'll need him lateron).

Now let's have a look to Javed Nackvi's executive contact Martin Gurney:

Martine Gurney is executive of QinetiQ, a secret UK defense company that works closely on new defense technologies with Lockheed Martin and the US airforce and the US navy. One of the most important creations of QinetiQ ist the new Lockheed Martin future airplane and MAARS, a police and military robot not unlike the robots from the well known movie Terminator (Skylink). Check youtube for MAARS.

When we follow the Martin Gurney contacts, the next name that jumps into our eyes is

James Stratford-Tuke

Another contact is

Prof. Kenneth Edwards, Consultant at Defense Avionics, Guildford, Surrey.

When we look up the Stratfort-Tuke contacts, we find
Duncan Cunningham, Director of Gov. Affairs at Lockheed Martin
and next we find
Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones.
(enter that name into wikipedia to learn more about her).

Now let's go back to AMX, the company of Fawed Nackvi with whom Dion Longworth had worked on various projects since the time when they both had worked for Klipsch.

The CEO of AMX is RASHID SKAF. Most likely his family is of Lebanese origin.

Rashid Skaf is a very interesting guy. He does a lot of things and he is highly educated and reknown. He is an executive member of the University of Chicago. Now let's think a while about who else was previously working at the University of Chicago?

Finally, summing up:
Dion Longworth obviously worked on some secret military devices, most likely in a joint venture with AMX, altatronems, wietech, lvcontrol, meder and securecomponents. Not so unlikely, due to their common contacts, that joint venture worked probably for QinetiQ. Perhaps for MAARS, perhaps for the new Lockheed future plane, perhaps on some space defense programs, perhaps on new weapons. We don't know. However, you certainly don't work constructing consumer market audio devices together with AMX and securecomponents.com

QinetiQ is working in joint ventures with Surrey Satellites for the TOPSAT program and perhaps on other, secret, probably still secured projects, (laser and alternative energy, e.g. Hafnium batteries). Saad al Hilli was working for Surrey Satellites.


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Default Additional info, it's getting hotter

Dion Longworth was the founder of this company:

Stray Light Optical Technologies

See here:

And also read his linkedIn site:

Note: Straylight Technology is essential in controlling ballistic missiles.

Now well, guess who is the current CEO of Stray Light Optical Technologies?


Don't you know who Kevin Kellems is? So read here:

Just a summary, about his career, but NOTE what he did in 2001 (9/11):

Stray Light Optical Technologies
The Strategy Center LLC

The World Bank
The White House
United States Department of Defense

MA, National Security Studies - School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

The Strategy Center LLC
2007 – Present (5 years)

Director of Strategy and Acting Vice President
The World Bank
2005 – 2007 (2 years)

Assistant to the Vice President for Communications and Press Secretary
The White House
2003 – 2005 (2 years)

Director of Strategic Communications and Special Advisor, Office of the Secretary of Defense
United States Department of Defense
2001 – 2003 (2 years)

Press Secretary and Senior Advisor for state and federal relations
Office of the Governor of Ohio
1999 – 2000 (1 year)


Was it an airplane or a straylight ballistic missile in the Pentagon in 2001 .... ?
Of course this was an airplane. Of course! There was given 100% proof! Never think different or else you are a strange supporter of conspiracy and a danger for national security!
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daft question

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A you tube video worth watching if you have never seen it before:-

Good work with this BB. We do need to keep it current otherwise it will soon be lost onto page 2 or 3 of Todays News

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Default Very nice layout, Bluebird!

It's a very nice layout, and those clickable screenshots are just awesome!
However, couldn't a lot of these people's inter-connectivity just be normal. After all, few people in the world are bound to be engaged in these cutting edge technologies, so many of them will naturally know each other, and would have had dealings with each other. There is not necessarily anything sinister about that. That was my conclusion anyway after having read your piece, but I am of course open to further persuasion, particularly if its backed up by evidence, and not just assertions.

Nothing you have presented here, contradicts the official line, that Saad was just an engineer doing his bit, and not in the same league as the people you highlight.
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Post answer to joergen nielsen

Yes, the inter connectivity is normal. However, that normality results from the matter of fact that they knew and had to do with each other, at least the ones who are directly connected. Listing connections doesn't necessarily mean that there was some kind of crime or that there was some kind of conspiracy planned amongst those people. However, they some way or another had todo witheach other.

For instance, when I found a company (like Stray Light Technologies), then I should (at least) know what that company is actually doing and I should know about who the next president of that company will be and why he will be the next president. There are contacs, no more and no less. What those contacts mean and what those companies are doing and what they were working in their joint ventures I leave up the reader. I did submit collected facts from the internet only. No more and no less. That of course gives a smart overview about contacts and work and will leave enough room for interpretation to the clever and to the intelligent readers.
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Default John Andrew Shirley, an ex-Airforce member?

Media had told us that neighbours had mentioned "military look alike guys" going in and out that house of Moncy Shirley during the days before the detonation occured.

That's why I had a look regarding the life and history of John Andrew Shirley. Although he doesn't live in that house, (nowadays he's living in Noblesville), he still had close contacts to his daughter and to his (ex?)-wife Moncy. We learnt about him due to interviews given to media by John Andrew Shirley. He was that guy who had mentioned the "gas", remember? False flag?

Verification that we're going to talk about the correct guy:http://www.intelius.com/Find-Phone-A...n-Shirley.html

Click at "John Andrew Shirley" and "contacts": (Moncy) Montserrat Shirley is displayed as his contact.

John Andrew Shirley:
Born in November 1961 in Travis County (TX), in a village pretty close to Travis Airforce Base.

Father: Robert Louis Shirley, born 1923 in Texas
Grandfather: Joel K. Shirley, born 1887 in Texas

About his life:
There's not so much about his life on the internet other that he grew up in Travis County.

In the 1990tees (from the time, his age approx. 30) he lived in Battle Creek. We don't know what exactly he had done there, but moving from one airforce base to another is not unusual for military people.

It is pretty hard tracking him in military records, because it looks as if 90% of all the guys related to the Shirley family had either worked for Navy or for Airforce since even 1850! There are hundreds of "Shirley" guys listed in military records as being SSGT, Lieutenants and Commanders.

Battle Creek
In Battle Creek there is the 172d Airlift Squadron (served in Iraq).

There aren't many records regarding John Andrew Shirley online, as if he hadn't worked in the USA for quite some time (being on duty?).

On mylife.com there is a record showing that he works for Metro Telemanagement Solutions, 5345 Winthrop ave, Indianapolis. However, the president of this company is John S. Shirley. This could be an error on mylife, or else he is just an employee there. This is a company listed as an "Other scientific research" company. However, whether or not this was an error on "mylife" we are unable to confirm.

However, we can confirm that he had been on duty in Battle Creek before.

There is a John Shirley listed on a military veterans website, however, it is impossible to confirm whether or not it is the correct John Andrew Shirley as there are too many of them in US military forces.


Some journalists would have to ask him clearly and distinctly about any kind of military relations.
However, having an ex-air force guy in that house that had been hit (by a laser/missile?) would look as being pretty strange, wouldn't it.


Note about a most likely false route:

Just a note in case you would like to search the internet for more. There obviously is one false route to John A. Shirley.

You will find a John A. Shirley from CT once you'll search on the internet. 99% this is not OUR John Andrew Shirley from Texas, simply because he is too young. Our John A Shirley was born in 1961, however, the other John A. Shirley released military related scientific research in 1979. You won't do that when you are 18.

The other John A. Shirley would have been quite interesting as he worked for Langley and for NASA regarding "Laser plasma" research and also for the project SQUID. However, due to the logic age difference that can't be "our" John Andrew Shirley born 1961. Pity: False route with that interesting guy.


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