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Non attatchment is the means... not the end.
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Originally Posted by tnt1 View Post
In short you have too much attachment to your desires. Your attachment strangles what you hope to achieve. How many times in life I have heard stories such as, I'm so lonely. All I want is a life partner. Someone to love me to share with and I have tried dating. I have tried internet sights and nothing works. I've been to church, I've been back to school to meet girls and I even went to the library and the laundrymatte to do laundry there to meet girls even though I have my own washer and dryer. None of it works its all hogwash! There are no girls out there! Then what happens? They lose attachment. They stop looking and what happens next is most interesting. A very high percentage then find that life partner.

Let it go butt head! You are too stubborn in clinging to the desire! Let it go. Let go and let universe do what it does. Many old sayings pop in my head as I read your plea and one that comes to mind is this. You are too close to the forest to see all the trees. You have asked universe, you have made your intention known. Now step back away from it. Allow it to flow do not restrict it with your baby sitting energies and see how things proceed after this.
I agree the key to manifesting your desires is to let go, let the universe work for you.
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