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Default Flush Government, Politics & Reilgion

My view of a world that is filled with only Love and Light has absolutely nothing to do with the control mechanisms put into place such as Government, Politics and Religion. I say flush those right down the toilet. I just don't understand why we as a species are incapable of being pure love and light beings.

I know that my view is probably incomprehensible by most people because they are asleep and deeply rooted in the control system. A movie comes to mind called 28 Days and in one scene the guy wakes up in the hospital after the rage virus has already ravaged the country and he runs into a couple of people that survived. He asks them what the government is doing and to that remark they said, "What government, there is no government," and his statement was, "There is always a government."

Money is another one of things that just chaps my hide. You cant eat this paper and it serves no purpose other then to line the pockets of those that are out to get over on their fellow humans. People starving is also absolutely ludicrous as well. We here in America waste so much food that just gets chucked in the garbage while you see these emaciated children and adults in other countries starving to death.

My perfect world would be human beings that are 100% honest and open and only emit pure love. There is no need at this point for any governing body as each person would be living there lives in these meat sacks that house our consciousness with only pure intentions. Working together in tandem.

Being an awake empath has made it very difficult for me to go out into public for any great length of time as it will make me physically sick. I went to visit relatives in Louisiana and we went to New Orleans and that trip took me out for 3 days. I forgot to wear my protection stones on that trip and that is why I'm sure it had such a great affect on me. We are all energy and operate at varying frequencies. Being around people that are in a lower vibrational state definitely has an effect on the human body.

We have decided to leave behind the corporate world and all of its control mechanisms and just live out the rest of our lives without having to be tied to the work machine. Unfortunately you cant break away from all of the control mechanisms that are in place but you can get rid of a good portion of it. We have bought a 5th wheel and plan on buying a small parcel of land, way up in the mountains and as far away from highly populated areas as possible.

My husband put in 20+ years in the military and gets his retirement pay which is enough money to be able to sustain ourselves. We are not conspiracy theorists and we don't live in fear.....We just want to live. We have researched alternative methods for off the grid living and hope to have enough area to put up homes for others that are awake and have a desire to break away from their routine lives tied to the corporate controlled world. I want to live with Mother Earth as my ancestors before me did.

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