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Default Harold, the whole story

Lorae: Harold's thinking seems to parallel much of the Gnostic material, as interpreted by John Lash: http://www.redicecreations.com/speci...r/archons.html

re-posted by permission from the author

silent mind - active intent
Posted by: "Harold" [email protected] me_harold
Sun Apr 8, 2012 11:03 am (PDT)

Well, my thinking is that Carlos Castanada (CC) wrote the most of the works still in the late 60's, before he really advanced his consciousness, and the publisher put the stuff out as he saw fit for marketing. So yes CC took liberties, but the telling feature of this is that the writing of the supposedly more advanced books are still in the lingo of the early books, 'he said she said' type of writing; lower thinking IMO.
If one really advances their consciousness and expands their belief systems, then they will articulate themselves accordingly. CC doesn't exhibit this advancement until the end of his works.
Per the work that I'm doing these days, CC is mostly fluff with details (that I might use) being too far dispersed throughout his work.

Speaking of that, I do have a better definition of the flyers. I call it the matrix, actually the (former) individual consciousness' in the matrix. Yes it is from those "beings from the cosmos", as don Juan (dJ) says.

The bad reptoids who control the most of this galaxy (about 86%), returned here with this matrix about 303,000 yrs ago (give or take a coffee break or two). They were here about a million yrs ago to tweek the DNA/RNA of the primates, stayed for a few generations, then left.
In the meantime, 'authorized' DNA/RNA tweekers from Sirius and Pleiades got here and were miffed that the reptoids were here first. They still did their tweeking, had some settlements, and were still here when the reps returned 303K ago with their parasitic technology, etc., their consciousness' developed enough to not be conquered by the matrix.

When dJ said "They gave us their minds" (the reptoids), it was for their ease of control as we would mirror many of their traits and have some similar mind sets. When they returned here, the universe-wide lucyfur project had since been focused here, and the bad reps then learned about lucy's parallel time lines of demons and arch demons, and of course learned how to use them. That union is so complete now that Earthling dark artists who think they're contacting lucy in the sky with demons, are actually being received and groomed by the controlling reptoids.
(lucy wants the 5th and 6th dimensional soul energy, and not the less-permanent 4D consciousness stuff.)
(A PhD friend of mine, as guest on coasttocoastam, said that you may as well consider the bad reptoids as the demons, and he didn't know these here details at the time.)

So, back to when the reps started to get out of their system on the other side of our galaxy: they conquered who they could. They came across civilizations who spoke of God, Eternity, Infinity, and that angered the reptoids (spell check prefers 'riptides'), because they never consider eternity, and rejected any notion of God. This is actually common for those who have no 5D or 6D souls, with only the 4D consciousness running the body with no higher connections.
(You've probably voted for someone with no real soul. Really.)

The elite of the bad reps made the matrix, with technology and quantum intention; a 4D construct of cords and cables which will house their 4D consciousness, which they 'jump' into when their body is close to death; their imitation of eternity. About 5% of the consciousness' in the matrix are of the bad insectoids or a few other species who have served the reptoids.
Anyway, these 4D consciousness' need to be fed, and that is why the conquered civilizations have forever: war, rape, pillage, plunder, MSG, addictions, phony cold war, phony food and drugs, Rockfellers, Mercks, Lady Gagas and Alan Greenspans, constantly directing the 4D thoughts of the conquered flocks into a yummy harvest-able substance in which those old farts in the matrix can find sustenance and gratification.

I'm told that the movie "Monsters Inc" had this concept of parasitic harvesting by an invading civilization. Note that a lot of science fiction has hints of this, even John Carpenter's "They Live" had the part about the invasion thru mind control, and the invaders get themselves into positions of power and move toward tyrranical control when their system begins to be exposed and realized for what it is.

And speaking of which: our moon is the local transmit point for the matrix frequencies that infest 84% of our wonderful galaxy. There's some tweeking of the frequencies that come to the moon, so we get freqs that are more sculptured to us, our DNA/RNA, re-broadcast in cell phones wafers and televisions and broadcast media - embedded in recorded media. To the moon, they get relayed from Epsilon Eridani, which is actually a weak link in the relay.

I first saw the matrix about 4yrs ago, when I piggybacked on the skills of one of the psychics I work with. From above, Earth looked like a ball of rubber bands, and cords and cables everywhere around us (locally).

Remember in the documentary movie "The Matrix", they said that Smith could show up in anyone around you? You can experience that yourself by speaking of bad aliens around folks who shrivel up with scorn. There's a comfort zone as part of the bamboozle/mind control. When the belief system of a moron gets stretched away from the 4D parasitic energy, they get very squirmy, worried, and even scared. They could even attack you, sort of the matrix acting thru them, but it's more as the host screaming more than the parasite screams.
The ones who laugh at you are actually even more controlled, laughing to avoid their fear-force-field all together.

don Juan explained how creative artists will extend beyond the matrix and get more attacked. It happens with meditators too. There seems to be safe little energy pockets where meditators get led to, given a feel-good schmoozy sense, with their belief system and their real awareness potential nicely sedated.
("Sedated"; that's what that CEO in "Network" told Howard Beale.)

Remember CC telling dJ he was afraid of the dark, when he was seeing the flyers? He was moving thru the matrix's fear force field, out of the parasitic existence and making himself more available to what dJ calls Eternity/Infinity, AND more available as a target of the crotchety old bastards in the matrix. And when the kid told Yoda that he's not afraid, Yoda said, "You will be! You will be."

So when silencing mind, with active intent, getting your consciousness to maneuver in the ethers, you have to remember that someone was here quantum-creating in these local ethers long before we were (at least in the last few millenia when we supposedly have written history).
Like in "What the Bleep", that Stanford PhD said that there's "traps out there": plenty of meditators and PhD's got trapped and are safely snuggled away, which the alternative of is getting constantly bombarded with the parasites who doesn't ever completely satiate its constant munchies. So, who among us learns more, advances more ... the one with the scars, or the aura-fluffed over-educated lovelightandloinclo th mesmerized sissyjerk?

"If you don't think there's a price to this sweet paradise,
just remind me to show you the scars." Bob Dylan (before he sold out)

And this doesn't even speak of the clone and android replacement of politicos and influential types, nor of time line shifting. Another time maybe. You'll be tested on all this later, but not by me. Harold
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