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Originally Posted by nioz View Post
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For some reason, I got a boner on while reading this thread. What's all that about?
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Originally Posted by nioz View Post
sick candy


Sorry but guitars & mics made of jelly do not look like dicks!
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All these 'SEX' subliminals were taken from a single X-Men Comic book

And heres another panel from marvel comics

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This is quite an old post of mine, sadly alot of the pics have disappeared. Hope this gives you an idea of where you can look for subliminal messaging and how and why it works. Feel free to use any information ive provided for your clip.

Feel free also to message me for further info and examples i can share.

Originally Posted by jesta_g View Post
I posted this on my main thread which there is a link to in my signature just below this post which i encourage all to join and have a read through as it contains alot of info (particularly visually) on the geometrics,the unified field theory, our hollographic universe and how the illuminati condition our minds for us to see only what they want us to see. although iI felt this particular post wuld fit nicely in this subject section.
once again I encourage you to visit my thread , its very open to all opinions and input and most importantly is also about having a laugh

*NOTE: please click on most of the images as they will give you a bigger/better picture and a few of these are also clips *

As i mentioned in a previous post I was pretty keen to do a post on subliminal messaging and how the media aka the NWO uses them against us. to those who are not to familiar with subliminal messaging and how much it can actually affect our minds ,especially at a younger age , i hpe that this lifts the veil on this subject for you which will (as it has for me) make tv/film/advertisement alot more amusing once understanding and SEEING what it is "they" are relly trying to get across.

"those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country"
- Edward Bernays, assistant to William Paley, founder of CBS

im going to start with some input from David Icke and some of the many thoughts n the subject he has brought to light.

"a form of mind control/subliminal messaging is going on right across society today as people are punished through various means for not acting in ways acceptable to the state, and rewarded when they do as demanded. One form of 'electro-shock' is to ATTACK AND RIDICULE PEOPLE WHO CHALLENGE CONVENTIAL 'THINKING' " - Guide to the global conspiracy.


SADLY OF ALL THE PLACES, this shite even happens on this forum and to be honest it fecking ruins the amazing atmosphere that this forum gives off.

- lets not be like this

"It is the plan by the UK department of education to impose rules on the teaching of 'communication,language and literacy' to toddlers "...... this includes "teaching these kids , barely out of nappies, 'personal and social development' and 'knowledge and understanding of the world'." ....... "when you put the words through an Orwellian Translation Unit, you get this: ' WE WANT TO CONTROL YOUR CHILD'S MIND '. " - Guide to the global conspiracy

honestly parents take control of your own childs education! especially sexual/drugs etcetc

i have a reply to the governments education plans ...... get tae fook and take your brainwashing/ false history / propaganda bullshite along with a pineapple and shove it up yer arse!
my partner and i have chosen to approah our sons education solely from us and the world around him. kinda "home-schooling" but more like learning math/social skills/literacy etc from the world around him, lol physical education will be taking him down to the local pitch and playin ball with others equally so I would love for him to join my Taekwon do classes which provide a basis of good hearted discipline/self control and respect for others.... anywho ....

David goes into detail when explaining how this actually affects the mind and brain - "A major aspect of this targeting of toddlers is to turn children into what I call 'left brain prisoners'. The brain has two hemispheres connected by a 'bridge' called the corpus callosum."



as you can see the left side of the brain involves our "this world reality" of language, what passes for "logic", and the "Physical" world perspective which conditions the individual and allows them to believe that " what you see is what you get" and that object is just a solid object rather than knowing/seeing it for what it really is, a multi-dimensional manifestation of sound or more simple atoms which are basically "nothing".

- there is no spoon

the right side however is the "creative", the artistic, the "out there" connections to levels of conciousness beyond this five sense "reality". I personnally experiance this in the art that i do. i very much enjoy expressive art which at first often appears for some to be a "co-ordinated mess" of splats and sploges however begin to look more like a "gateway" or medium to a reality we do not perceive with the five senses. a great artist for an example is Salvador Dali (a personal favorite) .


- reality is how you perceive it

in our balanced "whole brain" state, the two sides are in harmony, neither dominating the other, with the bridge passing information and insight between the two. sadly what the NWO illuminati system has done, in full awareness, is to structure society, " education", chemicals food/drink cigarettes etcetc to close down this "bridge" between the hemispheres of the brain which causes disharmony that further surppresses the scale of communication between the left and right sides of the brain. by doing this they then program the population, especially children, to see the majority of life through the left brain.

as David mentions in the Guide To A Global Conspiracy -
" This is one major reason why 'science' has not understood the nature of life and reality. It is populated by 'left-brainers' who can't get 'out-there' to peceive beyond 'physical' reality." ...... "all of these facets, and more, are part of a long-organised plan to take over our children in both mind and body."......." the introduction of state-controlled education was not, at the highest level, to educate at all. THE LAST THING A DICTATOR WANTS IS A TRULY EDUCATED AND INTELLIGENT POPULATION. IT WAS, AND IS, THE MEANS TO UNIVERSALLY INDOCTRINATE A LIFE-LONG SENSE OF REALITY."


now with this in mind where/who started all this shite.......


The word/term "media" originates from the area of ancient Iran (Persia etc) in the middle east known as MEDIYA.
- Mediya
MEDIYA was home to an adept cult of sorcerers and astrologers who specialised in the use of Talismans, amulettes, mantras and sorcery. If battle or legal means did not work to get rid of an enemy the king would turn to the MEDES for assistance, which they would place a hex/spell on his enemies.
From the word Mediya we also get Mediation, Mediterranian, meditation, mediums, medication ...... De Medici family?
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medici )
Today it/they still remain as "techno-shamans", "silicn sorcerers" etc using technology to attack the mind/conscious through subliminal messaging,hexes and mantras.
- tele-hypnosis
- meta contrast
- hemisync's
- synaethesis
- embedding ...... all new terms for old practises.

These "practises" are for the sole purpose in getting us the masses "into" ;
- group thinking (subserviance)
- fashionable allegiances
- implanted associations
- purveying escapism through the projection of "fantasy" into "reality"
- inflate false personas so you dont have to be you instead you learn to be that "person" on the screen
- excessive eroticisation particularly against females.

- while the world flies by.

A wee quote which is probaby one of my favorite quotes and films -
" life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and take a look arund once in a while you just might miss it " - ferris buellers day off.

all of these tactics/techniques (sorcery/hexes) spawn dialectical divisions such as ;
- male vs female
- boy vs girl
- white vs black
- jew vs arab
- rich vs poor
- atheist vs believer
- catholic vs protestant
- republican vs democrat
the list goes on and on. further devide and conquer.

these "divisions" are specifically designed to attack our 3 intelligances
- body,mind and heart , which stimulates us with DESIRE, ATTRACTION, CREATING ASSOCIATIONS (DRIVE=LOVE) and further spawning more "I WANTS".
the side effects to all of this are;
- disassociation
- dysfunctionality
- jaded
- addictiveness
- bi-polar/manic depression
- suicidal
- delinquency
- sociopathic
- institutionalism
- and possession



Originally for good now used against us they use - words, symbols, colors, rhythms, light, movement, modras (hand positions) - infused with mysticism they are used against us.

- well known ancient symbols

- suggestion.

Our emotions have a mind of their own, one which can hold views quite independantly of our rational mind. within the first few mili-seconds of perceiving something we not only comprehend what it is but we decide whether we like it or not, "the cognitive consciousness" - awareness of identity and opinion.

heres a few statistics/facts to see how much this can affect our gullible minds ;
- 75% and increasing of young adults have a T.V.
- Advertisements take up on average 2/3 of newspaper pace and 40% OF THE MIND.
with that - since the 50's Americans have consumed more resources than EVERYONE ON THE PLANET PREVIOUSLY.
- each person USES OVER 20 TONS of raw materials annually.
to name a very small handful of facts.




In order for these "techno-shamans" to manifest the particular subject of expression there must always be 3 DIVISIONS.

For example;
Economic world - "first, second and third world"
main political parties - labour, conservative, liberal
social classes - upper,middle, lower
sports - bronze, silver, gold
branches of government - executive, legislative, judicial
courts - minor, state supreme, federal supreme
religion - father, mother, holy spirit

"threshold" (thricehold) = entrance to temple, church or hall.
masonic god = thrice great hermes (jah-bul-on / jahovah-baal-osiris)

3 points to a triangle......

scientology logo -
- double triangle = 33 ......... masons...... notice the snake in the centre.

- double triangle = 33

this leads to ancient esoteric symbols/astrology and how the media/politics use these symbols against us in order to manifest the specific expressions of devide/conditioning they wish to achieve.

The stars were the first theatre for mankindwhere we could draw pictures with our mind.


there is actually 88 signs/symbols for corresponding constellations yet we are nly told of 12. this shows little and unaccurate mainstream "astrology" is (if ya wanna call it astrology as its more of a command for the unfolding of your day).

interestingly, Aquila was the original name for the constellation of scorpio depicted as an eagle.




- The eagle is the sign for power and money. Bit obvious now when you look at it across American (and most other countries) symbols/logos.

- furthermore the symbol for the sumerian "gods" ENKI and ENLIL, can be found on logos/symbols around the world and in particular seen on flags for countries such as russia and greece.

The white horse/pegasus/unicorn was once the symbol for Cancer. Altho we, the mass controlled, dont use this the media/businesses still do to great extent.


- hmmmm COLUMBIAN TRI-STAR??? yes it starts to get fairly obvious about now.

- of course games are going to be pumped with subliminal messaging.

same goes to its opposite a Black Horse...

- getting alot of spotlight with the recent economy crash.

- nice cars , bad intentions.

furthermore the Bear is the astrological motiff for Ursor Major -


- Bear circling the pole star.

The Cross and The Crown -
- symbolising state and religion the two major forms of slavoury, seen on catholic churches around the world and particular used in free masonry.

one us conspirators should be aware of is moloch, once the ancient symbol for taurus used by the cult of Minerva and Lilith. This was where the Minotaur came from in the Minoan myths, another solar deity.


- seen here being offered an infant sacrifice. funnily enough this is exactly what military are INFANT-RY, "child" sacrifices.

nowadays the symbol for Moloch is the owl (the nightwatcher/all seeing eye of the night also revealed by Alex Jones when he infiltrated Bohemian Grove and got recorded images of a large 40ft stone owl which some of the biggest names in politics/media from around the world were seen assisting in occult rituals burning effigies of children and babies.

- Bohemian Grove, cremation of care ceremony where a child offering is burnt to the satanic occult god moloch.

- Bohemian Club logo.

- found hidden on the US one dollar bill.

- occult art of the middle ages.

- built into the street plan of washington dc situated at the top of a "pyramid".

also its a shame i dont have a photo of it but Edinburghs local Church of Scientology has above its door an Owl with the 2 triangles logo.

more American occult, one we should all be very aware of is The Skull And Bones which originates from the pyrate families of the Knight Templar who came to america long befre any settlers and burn and pillaged many native cultures upon their arrival. this is how Columbus knew of america and knew he was not sailing for india like many people in mainstream history like to believe oh no no he had maps of America that were handed down long before.

- here we see the founders of the modern day skull and bones which is headed at Yale university. To the left of the clock we see the infamous Prescott Bush grandfather to Dictator George W. Bush and also a very close associate (if not relative) of Adolf Hitler.


in the logo for skull and bones we see the number "322" this is in referance to the Spring Equinox March 21st-22nd a date for many occult sacrifices.
3+2+2= 7 which is a number of the serpent (them reppies get everywhere dont they )

And so back to Astrology..

In astrology there are 4 types of sign -

FIRE - Aries, Leo, Sagitarious - energy, libido, will.
WATER - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - Physical, Home, Property.
AIR - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini - Freedom, Gender, Liberty
Earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo - Money, Materialism, wnership, Assets.

with this knowledge we can see why most if not all businesses (media,product etc) use astrological symbols to sell there products and further condition our views of "reality".
Businesses tend to stick to Fire/earth logos.


ARIES - The sun rising in Aries for summer in the East, March/April.

- The Ram also known as Mars Ruler of Aries.RAM spelt backwards is MAR.



- notice the use of Red (planet Mars, war) in most of these logos.

- Mars is the Phallic symbol of the arrow.

mazda and nissan mean first month of the year in Hebrew.

HYATT (meaning serpent) means half above and half below. This is in referance to alot of "sun symbols" used in logos.

- Hebrew for first month of the year.

this moves onto Cancer. remember the original symbol for cancer was the white horse etc.


- Pepsi comes from the EGYPTIAN SERPENT GOD PEPSA, who was god that that parents would speak tales of to their children t scare them. PEPSA would come in the night and take children.
also we see the red and blue which are the early degrees of freemasonry.

- sure "safeway" - physical, home, property all drawing the mind to consume.

How about capricorn....



half goat half fish this relates also to the baphomet -

- this speaks for itself.

- also used in freemasonry/ templar rituals.

- care for a drink of my devil juice.

speaking of devil juice ....

- notice the wavy line similar to the pepsi/ cancer zodiac symbol.
also very interrestingly "COKE" is an egyptian word for phallus/penis, KUK.

one last example for zodiac symbols tho im sure you get the picture...

Aquarius, the water bearer. also interesting is the 11 symbol of the zodiac... 9/11 symbolic of the fall of the old solar deity (pillars) and arrival of the new age?



- once again notice blue for the first 3 degrees of freemasonry.

- notice the movement of the Viacom logo, ViAcoM - V-A-M movement of the letters.
Viacom also being the owners of paramount productions.

now moving onto sme more logos....

The number 7 is used in alot of logos (7 representing the serpent). this is also in referance to the 7 visible planets in the sky at night and the 7 Chakras -

- notice that the red circle is half the symbol for Cancer.

- once again the number 11 is used.


- this is not in referance to 1976 but *1776* which was the year the Bavarian illuminati established itself and began its work on the new babylon (America). to add to this in the year 1776 the Sun was in the constellation Cancer.
also if you wanna go as deep and obsessive as the illuminati do then 76 also referes to 7:06 which 7:00 can be seen as 6:60 plus the 6 = 6:66. trust me they are they infactuated by it.

- adding to that the date at the bottom of the pyramid on the dollar bil is
MDCCLXXVI - DC = 600, LX = 60, VI = 6 ..... hmmmmmmmm quite a coinkidink dont ya think ?

a CHEVRON is a number 7 on its side which looks like a pyramid -

this is seen on the side of military etc and is also used in company logos -

- CHEV-rolet

- once again with the red/blue degrees of freemasonry and notice it is 2 cubes on top of each other.

this "double cube" is known as the DOUBLE ASHLAR -

the double square symbolises rule over all -


- need i say more


we also see many logos that have a red-square. with this also comes the "red-tape" and "red-carpet" which symbolises these specific bloodlines

- keeping it all in the family

which also refers to the womans menstrual cycle (moon-struel) and the virgins blood.

FILA reversed is ALIF which in Hebrew is Aleph meaning "LIFE" and breath (to be alive) . however as FILA uses it backwards it then dentes DEATH! -

- once again notice the red/blue symbolising the first degrees of freemasonry.

- EVIAN spelt backwards gives us NAIVE. once again notice the red/blue.

- "C" is the 3rd letter of the alphabet so C+C = 33
- also most times the word chanel runs through the CC logo which separtes it into 3 parts : CH (SERPENT), AN (ANUNNAKI), EL (ELOHIM).

Letters also have a very important meanings in relation to the subconscious. in particular the letter "E" -

"E" is the fifth letter of the alphabet and in turn in the "fifth essence". The greek term for "E" is EPSILON which is referred to as spiritual power and transcendance. this ultimately is know as QUINTESANCE. Similar to the reverse logos/words, if the "E" is at an angle/seperate or misplaced also denotes negative expression for that symbol. one good example is the DELL logo -

- notice the square shape and the blue.

the letter "S" in very interesting also as it is the most hypnotically suggestive of all the letters -


- with its sssserpent, sssssexy sssssounds

"X" is used for femanising as product for males and masculinity for females to sell the product. for example a brand with X in it with a scantly dressed female will sell the product. vice versa for females.

A very interesting type of subliminal messaging is the use of therapeutic shapes in a negative luring way-

- cigarette boxes are based of the geometric golden ratio of the "golden rectangle". this then is therapeutic to touch subconsciously causing arousal to the holder -


- used for televisions also.

i suggest checking the geometrics of your bed as your bed could be (in this case not) based on the PHI ratio which can then affect your sleeping patterns.


another very interesting thing to point out and ask is: WHY DO BRANDS/LOGOS USE THE WORD LIGHT INSTEAD OF USING *LITE*??

- red/blue



- They should be using *LITE* if its for food and drink however they use LIGHT to subliminally attract the subconscious because the body/mind/heart craves LIGHT as in spiritual uplifting and ascension. as you can see not exactly the best food for spiritual enlightenment. SNEAKY BASTARDS !

- in referance to the ESOTERIC CRAFTS. notice the red/blue.

this moves onto particular brands/companies that have names that do nt mean anything in english however are actually HEXES or MANTRAS to further affect the mind especially when repeated or seen over and over again -

- say MTV repeatedly and you will get *EMPTY-V* then look at those mindless zombies that sit for hours watching that shite....... EMPTY!

- arco in hebrew means "fallen angel". notice the red/blue.


- a favorite to point out of mine is ISUZU , SUS in egyption means "sun behind the sun" tho was once anciently written SUZ.The letter "S" reversed as "Z" is the symbol of the serpent force or super solar manifestation.
SUZ denotes involution and evolution, the descent of the serpent force into matter and the return upward through evolution.
this is also where we get the "serpent solar disk" - "SOZ" -

- notice the snake/sun/snake , SOZ.

letters of the alphabet were originally used as "KEYS" to unlocking the original causation in the manifestation of all things.

an interesting example of this are SS and ZZ which symbolically used were interchangable. often the SS or ZZ on sigils and talismans are suggestive of serpentine evil influence and denotes a sign of black magic upon others -


- to add to this these hairy bastards are high wizards in the KKK.

these words/symbols are known as IDEOGRAMS OR A PHONOGRAMS.
words that are phonetic (doesnt have to be spelt the same instead just sound similar) are reduced words so they are unrecognisable sounds for mantras of ancient words that mean something sinister. this can be done with specific words/syllables or phonemes (sounds).

Used by the ancient MEDES (shamans/sorcerers)
here are some particular "phonemes" -
EV, EL (ancient name for god), NX, XL, LE, DL, LX (Lux - latin for LIGHT), L , DX (wrestlings degeneration x?), X, GI, DK, XI (greek meaning She/woman), GE, ST, XE, GL, RS, XS (excess - to use to much), XL , RX.

particular phonetic mantras seen in companies are -
- LAM, NK.
- PC = Phallus (halls/buildings/towers/citadels/churches) symbolic of the penis AND CTEIS (cities etc) which is the opening of the vagina. so here some basic sex ed for ya the penis (buildings etc) and in the vagina (the city).

with this also are fireworks - fire of the male going into the dome (sky) of the female.

nearing the end of this post im going to add some clips of subliminal messages used in films/media/shows/advertisement and music etc.
alot of the times these messages are quick fast flashes of an image or sound or as simple as shapes and logos in the background. altho the consciusness is paying attention to the "storyline"/pictures the sub-conscious is being bombarded with subliminal messaging.
it is also important to point out that the more innocent the show/film the more subliminal messaging it will contain.

so with that ill start with the sickest film writers/ animators of them all , Walt Disney. who is known to be a fullout rascist/peadophile whm was also a high degree freemason. one thing to point out also is the most popular disney of all the lion king has over 150 subliminal messages in it!!! sick bastards.

- very interesting clip of a seminar about disneys witchcraft.




- *look in the background*

- "dust" spells out sex.

most of these people will know tho i felt this was a better time than any to have them all grouped up

now onto some movies .....



- a particular favorite that blew me away when i noticed all of these. keep an eye out for the scene where churchill and roosevelt are shown as lizards!!

particular favorite in futurama .....

- hmmm getting obvious now reptiles.

in commercials......


In news intros ....


political advertisements....


and there are plenty in songs when played backwards !!!
heres some to check out .....

britney spears , hit me baby one more time = (reversed) sleep with me im not to young.

pokemon , gotta catch them all! gotta catch them all! = (reversed) i love satan! i love satan!

a classic is led zeppelins works in particular "Stairway to heaven", it should be noted that zeppelins guitarist Jimmy Page was a close friend to Alistair Crowley and had him write and help with many songs, Jimmy Page also lives in Crowleys old mansion.

though this is still debated, it must be remembered that the words do not have to be full sounding etc and only need to be phonetic (remain similar to that word/sound). how it is done is by getting the message who want hidden and singing it forwards once done listen to it in reverse and right new lyrics that sound very similar to the intended message. it is aimed as a mantra/hex that will affect the subconscious.

well im sure that was an onslaught to the senses and your all fucked after this and now crave coca-cola, gay sex and a beer

i didnt go into half as much as id like revealing subliminal messages in films etc tho im sure i get the message across (no pun intended).

my main aim here was to show where/when/how and whom started it and give a better nderstanding to why these sick fecks wanna condition us and bombard us with false moralities/ethics.

if anyone would like to add to this or correct anything please feel free, im all ears to opinions and info
Getting information on a digital race.

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wank, classic!

the only reason I can think of to put all these sex subliminals into comics and films is to generate business for the porn industry and more food for the reptilians, as you would hardly sell more comics and films through sex subliminals, part of the psychopathic control grid, straight out of They Live

here is a good interview with Key http://www.whale.to/c/key_i.html

"This one particular album, [Judas Priest’s] Stained Class, which was the subject of the case – these boys had listened to it and committed suicide. Six hours, over and over and over again. They knew the words, they knew everything about it. Then they took the shotgun and went down to the churchyard. One blew his head off.....So [the attorneys] gave me a record [Stained Class] and I took it home. Wow! There was all kinds of stuff hidden in that thing! The theme of this whole genre of music was suicide… We took the lyrics and transcribed them – I don’t think they’d ever been transcribed – and began to analyse them: ‘who’s talking to who about what?’.....
Well, [Better by You, Better than Me] was inducement to suicide … The total content of that thing was subliminal. I analysed the lyrics. What does it mean? OK, it’s a young man, talking to Satan, his god, asking Satan to talk to his mother and tell her what a noble thing his life had been, how good he was. Because he was going to kill himself. Now, it’s there. It’s not a conjecture, or an opinion thing. I mean, you can cite that out of the lyrics. …
Then [there were the] embeds: I found that one voice that was put in, I did a spectroscopic analysis of it, it was Halford the lead singer and in between the phrasing, the singer takes a breath and in between the phrasing they put ‘Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!’ at increasing levels in the stereo. Now, that was dubbed in after the thing was made."
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