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Renember the movie they live? Use lsd if you want to see them! In the movie they use hofmann lenses, lsd is albert hofmann lenses! Inventer of l.s.d. Case closed the secret is that they are on another wave length normal people cannot tune in to without the use of lsd.

Over and out!

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Carl Sagan, a reptoid, lied on two levels:

"Despite the claim of the late Dr. Carl Sagan and scientists
in his SETI organization that we have not detected intelligent
communication from any extraterrestrial source, this is a blatant
falsehood." http://www.whale.to/b/whyiwroteshadows.pdf
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Originally Posted by pound View Post
Will do, If I can get the link to work.
sorry itt not a link, you have to copy & paste the clip title into the youtube toolbar and it will find the clip & then u can play it. Hope this clarifies.
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Originally Posted by diamond dogs View Post
I found it hard to believe at first but there are now so many inconcistancies going on around us I am leaning more to the possibility than I ever did.

I was speaking to a street artist at the weekend and he told me how he experienced (after a desire to kill someone) a light source coming out of his arms (he graphically illustrated it) he was a changed person having experienced this and he also said that unconditional love is all that matters...now I could dismiss ths as fiction but I think there is another force out there...anything is possible imo I believe the psychopaths running the show are not human..
If you can read French read "Vision à Stonehenge" by Arthur Hennot published by Lanore
It tells you of events which happened when in contact with Reptilians &ET "watchers"
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