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Default Eckankar

Is eckankar a reptillianoid/illuminati inspired religion or is it a true spiritiual path?

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It's a true spiritual path. Paul Twitchel was the most prominent teacher and brought the teachings to the public. He passed on many years ago.

Since then the orgainization has been headed by H.Klemp. Klemp is somewhat "ify". It may be that the organization had been infiltrated by the Bad Guys after the founder Twitchel passed on. I recommend Twitchel's original books to read, but am reserved about Klemp.

I believe Eckankar is part of the Sufi path of "heretical" muslims.

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I used to be an eckist, that`s just the term for followers of Eckankar.

For years something just didn`t feel right about it all and I think it is all summed up by another ex-eckist (of nearly 30 years as one) by the following link.

"I never had an education, I went to school".
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I agree with what you just said about "Eckankar being a true Spiritual path and Paul Twitchell a prominent Teacher." I also agree when you spoke of how Harold Klemp is "iffy" and people of not the best intent taking over after Paul. From my experience this is exactly what actually occurred. You are very perceptive to observe that, the huge shift in consciousness. For my self I practiced Paul Twitchell's techniques and did out of body travel to different levels of heaven for nearly 20 years. What I didn't realize was that after Paul's death the outer organization with out Paul became an offshoot. I and most people I knew had spiritual experiences in the lower heavens in offshoot Eckankar under Harold. However later, I had some incredibly profound experiences at a much higher level of spiritual planes when I left Eckankar and my husband and I began working with Rebazar Tarz and the ancient Masters. After Paul's death Rebazar took over for quite some time. If you wish to research it here is info.- http://www.paultwithcelltruth.com
And here are the sorts of out of body experiences I had (during) and then (after) leaving Eckankar and finding the next true God Realized Master- Huray galactic intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1ZM9ISaimI

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Smile ek onkar

Ek Onkar is Sikh. Eckankar is what?

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It is the light and sound of god. Hu .



I enjoy hu'ing and om'ing. I also like to throat sing. I think it's all very good for my health and vibrations to sing and chant.

Peace, love, harmony and wisdom friend
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