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Default Bulgarian establishment funds crop circle disinfo

Headline: "Aliens ‘already exist on earth’, Bulgarian scientists claim"

The article begins with the following:

"Work on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them is underway, scientists from the country’s Space Research Institute said.

They claim aliens are currently answering 30 questions posed to them.

Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the research.

He said the centre’s researchers were analysing 150 crop circles from around the world, which they believe answer the questions.

'Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time,' Mr Filipov told Bulgarian media.

'They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.' "

What immediately caught my attention about these statements is that the scientists are basically saying that 1) they have been decoding crop circles, and also that 2) crop circles are messages from extraterrestrials.

So, I went to the Bulgarian scientists' website, and was unsurprised to find that it stinks of disinformation. Link to their website here:

For starters, this group of scientists have collectively drunk the global warming Kool-Aid, as revealed in the first paragraph in their "About Us" section:

The first paragraph:
"The future of our planet is endangered. The biggest challenge we face today is how to sustain the life of Mother Earth. We need solutions for managing the consequences of the global warming, the rising sea levels, draught, overpopulation, energy deficiency, disappearing species…"

Even more outrageously, they claim that they are decoding messages from crop circles about global warming! See the first "decoding" on their list at this link:

Notice that they do not include any details as to how they "decoded" these messages- they just give us their "translation!"

There are many dedicated crop circle researchers who are decoding crop circles, and who actually provide the details on how they did it.

I am one of those researchers; my detailed essay on my decoding of the crop circles that appeared in Howell, Michigan in 2003 and 2006 can be found at this link:

Another researcher who has shown a unique approach to decoding crop circles is Bert Janssen. Some of his decodings are featured on his website:

Many other crop circles have been decoded by a variety of contributors to the website cropcircleconnector.com . While I don't necessarily agree with all of the interpretations, the website shows that there are many different ways of decoding crop circles. Many examples - all of which give details, unlike the Bulgarian researchers - can be found on their archive of 2009 crop circles, found at this link:

After I posted my essay on my decoding of the Howell crop circles online in 2004, it caught the attention of the Freemasons. The Philalethes Society - the Masons' oldest and largest public relations group - runs the website " freemasonry.org " This website has a "links" page where they recommend masonicinfo.com - a website run by Philalethes member Ed King - for information on Anti-Masons.

On this website, King has written the following paragraph about me:

Jim Prange (Pseudonym: Alex Parma) - Mr. Prange - using his credentials as a former newspaper reviewer of video games and his extensive knowledge gained through playing in a band - has concluded that the Masons are planting secret messages (from the reptile race) in crop circles while they're simultaneously poisoning the water supply. Using such impeccable sources as David Icke, Jim Marrs, and William Cooper (there's more than a bit of irony there, folks!), he has convinced himself that there's a huge conspiracy he's uncovered in Howell, Michigan. Perhaps Mr. Prange and his imaginary friend Mr. Parma have found an alternative to drinking that water.... You can find his rantings here.

Link to King's list of "Anti-Masons" here:

Direct link to my entry on the site here:

What I find most revealing about Kings's paragraph is the fact that he had to essentially reverse my words in his effort to portray me as a loony. (Considering that the subject matter of my essay includes crop circles and reptilians, isn't it interesting that he opted to reverse my words, rather than to try to use my actual words against me?)

In my essay on the Howell crop circles, I make it very clear that I think that crop circles are most likely made by the spirits of our ancestors, possibly working in tandem with other kinds of non-human spirits ("nature spirits," "devas," or other "higher forces" which I can't claim to understand) to create the designs. I also make it very clear in my essay that I think the circlemakers are directly opposed to the reptilian/Illuminati agenda.

In the last couple of years, I have been deeply exploring the idea that at ley line intersections, spirits are more easily able to interact with the physical world, and that spirits are creating crop circles at ley line intersections in order to illustrate this to the masses.

I think that I have found much evidence to support this theory, in the form of my Google Earth map of alignments between crop circles and ancient earthworks.

To download my map and to read my analysis of the map, visit my thread on Google Earth Community at the following link:

Note: make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Earth onto your computer before attempting to download my Google Earth map. Download Google Earth at this link:

I would like to encourage a discussion of my work on this thread.

(For one, I would be curious to know what people think of my work and my perspective, in contrast to that of the Bulgarian "scientists.")
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Hello Wabun, the 'ourplanet' website is really bizarre, interesting find but what makes you think it is related to the Bulgarian Scientists? The 'ourplanet' website seems to have some channeled stuff on on it. Who (or what) the Hell is Cenzar, and why does the name 'Mariana Vezneva' keep cropping up? Why do they not post the answers to what they have asked through the crop circles


The meeting received an informative presentation from Mrs. Mariana Vezneva on her training and skills for communicating telepathically and understanding the symbols and allegories of the so called sacred language of Cenzar. Mrs Vezneva also described the reasons for embarking on this difficult journey for saving the life of Mother Earth. Architect Vezneva talked about the terms and conditions of the experiment pointing out her mistakes in the way of gathering the questions for which she did apologize.

The main conditions for establishing of a communication with crop circles intelligence can be summarized as:

* questions to be of global importance addressed to saving the life of the planet
* the reply not to be contained in previous already existing formations
* the question and reply not to contain numbers but to be able to be portrayed with symbols and geometrical forms

Mariana Vezneva then announced the results of the experiment. Between April and May 2009 in the crop circles fields of Wilthshire, UK the following questions have received a reply:

1. Are we to expect a contact with extraterrestrial intelligence as part of the SETI projects in the nearest future? Asked by Prof. DSc Garo Mardirossian, Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and lecturer at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia

* Answered in 3 crop circles formations

2. Which one is the nearest to our solar system possibly inhabited planet? Asked by Tsvetan Georgiev, senior research fellow at the National Astronomy Observatory Rhozhen at the Bulgarian Academy of Science

3. Which one is the nearest to our solar system planetary system and where is located? Asked by Assoc. Prof. Valery Golev, PhD, Head of Astronomy Department at Sofia University St K Ohridsky

* Both questions answered in 2 crop circles formations

4. Is the human species a product of the evolution process or it has been transported to Earth from another planet? If yes from where, from one or from different planets considering the substantial racial differences? Asked by Prof. Vrubka Orbezova, Dr of Medicine and Pathobiochemestry
5. What was the biological structure of our ancestors and how this will change in the next sixth and seventh human races? Asked by Prof. Veselina Ilieva Dr of biophysics

* Both questions answered in 1 crop circle formation

6. The physical genetic code is located in the nuclear DNA. Where are the locations of the energy code and the information code? In the physical body or in the outer body? What are mind, soul, spirit and thought? Asked by Prof. Vrubka Orbezova, Dr of Medicine and Pathobiochemestry

* Answer in 1 crop circle formation

7. Is the ENSO event (El Nino Southern oscillation) some how related to the crop circles?
What causes the opening of the mystery climate doors? Can El Nino cause an environmental disaster on the Balkans and in Europe? Will the global eclipse provoke global environmental crises? Asked by Prof. Dr.Maria Zlateva biothechnology and microbiology, President of Intereco- 21 Federation

* Answer in 3 crop circles formations

8. The energy sources will be exhausted in the future, the global warming will lead to draught and war for water and food supply. How we can manage the energy crises? Asked by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science

* Answer in 2 crop circles formations

Summarizing the results of the experiment as follows:

Among 16 scientific questions asked by 13 scientists, replies have received 8 questions asked by 7 scientists (one scientist received replies to 2 of her questions).

The meeting then continued in a productive and very thoughtful discussion in which all those present parties participated. The discussion was on specific topics concerning the environmental crises as well as looking for practical solutions. It has been acknowledged that a unique dialogue between scientists and the creating force behind the crop circles has been successfully established. An agreement has been reached as below:

A. More efforts need to be put in making the experiment and the unique communication tool with crop circles intelligence popular to a wider audience and authorities;
B. It was suggested for a scientific center for crop circles communication to be established;
C. A second meeting to be organized for those unable to attend the present one on which to be discussed a detailed plan for actions.

The meeting was closed in uplifting spirit and rallying thoughts. I am grateful to all those who took the time to attend the occasion.

Stefka Nedevska
London, UK
12 July 2009
It seems there has been someone pushing the crop circle agenda in Bulgaria since 2005. Maybe the recent 'news' stories are just a development of this?


Adopting the role of those fearless investigators on "The X-Files", Architect Mariana Vezneva has been chasing the paranormal in England's landscape for years already after a mysterious experience at the beginning of the 80s.

According to her these enormous and often intricate designs aim to communicate prophecies, information about the creation, evolution and the future of the planet that could prevent self-destruction and lead people to unity.

Vezneva calls the crop circles the most significant event for the last 3000 years, a product of a supreme civilization, which inhabits the Earth.

Crop circles appeared for the first time in Bulgaria last year, she claims.
From her website:
The Bulgarian writer Mariana Vezneva , an architect, phenomenon and supersensory explorer, a correspondent-member of the International Academy of Informatization at UNO is the first and only one in the world who has managed to reveal the messages in the crop circles and to establish a connection with their creators..

So this Mariana Vezneva is one of the 'scientists' that have been working on ET messages?
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Originally Posted by chipstyxx View Post
Hello Wabun, the 'ourplanet' website is really bizarre, interesting find but what makes you think it is related to the Bulgarian Scientists?
Dr. Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, is the only scientist directly quoted in the article about the Bulgarian scientists, which starts off my first post on this thread. The "ourplanet" website includes a list of the scientists providing the so-called "decoding" featured on the website; this list consists of 12 Bulgarian scientists. The first one listed is Filipov.

Link to their list of scientists here:

Originally Posted by chipstyxx View Post
Why do they not post the answers to what they have asked through the crop circles?
Actually, they do post the "answers;" the problem is that they don't give us any information as to how the scientists arrived at these "answers!"
Link to their "Answers" page here:

(However, under the "Interpretations > seasons 2004-2008" link, they do provide a link to the website of their resident "supersensory explorer," Mariana Vezneva. The website is in Bulgarian; you may or may not find some info on her interpretations there, if you can translate the page from Bulgarian.)

Link to her website here:

Originally Posted by chipstyxx View Post
So this Mariana Vezneva is one of the 'scientists' that have been working on ET messages?
Not a scientist- a "supersensory explorer!"

Link to ourplanet's page about Vezneva here:

Personally, I don't think that crop circles are messages from ETs. Instead, I think they are most likely messages from the spirits of the deceased - possibly working in tandem with other kinds of non-human spiritual entities - and that they are creating crop circles in an organized "team effort" to assist the plight of those of us who are currently living on Earth.
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I went to this web site , http://www.ourplanet.cc/ and did a search on it for Dr. Lachezar Filipovs quotes on alien communications fro crop circles and it came up with ,"sorry no matching documents".Now could it be that someone is using his name to further their personal views on crop circles or has his original quotes been taking out of context.

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Originally Posted by jamesc View Post
I went to this web site , http://www.ourplanet.cc/ and did a search on it for Dr. Lachezar Filipovs quotes on alien communications fro crop circles and it came up with ,"sorry no matching documents".Now could it be that someone is using his name to further their personal views on crop circles or has his original quotes been taking out of context.
I think Mariana Vezneva wants to sell some books. It still remains a mystery wether Dr Lachezar Filipov actually said what has been printed in the papers. If it's a complete fabrication then you'd think Dr Filipov would issue some kind of statement refuting it. If he actually exists at all
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Originally Posted by wabun View Post
I am one of those researchers; my detailed essay on my decoding of the crop circles that appeared in Howell, Michigan in 2003 and 2006 can be found at this link:
Be mindful of what it is you are researching. Crop circles aren't exactly a benevolent phenomenon here to enlighten mankind and benefit humanity.

Have you ever noticed how witches (Wiccans) and wizards (Satanists) use geometric shapes to cast malicious spells and summon evil spirits?

For all intents and purposes, crop circles, with their geometries, could be the seals of black magic, or sorcery with ill intent. For more details go here:


Also, most crop circles tend to be created in the midst of the night (midnight witches' meetings anyone?)

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Originally Posted by chipstyxx View Post
I think Mariana Vezneva wants to sell some books. It still remains a mystery wether Dr Lachezar Filipov actually said what has been printed in the papers. If it's a complete fabrication then you'd think Dr Filipov would issue some kind of statement refuting it. If he actually exists at all

Here is his interview and his confirmation of his existence.

Lachezar Filipov was born on January 26, 1953. He graduated from the Physics Department at Moscow University. From 1995 he was deputy director of the Space Research Institute, BAS. Two days ago he scandalizes public through publication in Novinar, which allegedly was involved in an experiment in which questions of extraterrestrial intelligence.

- Professor Filipov, after announcing that you are involved in the experiment in which questions are asked for extraterrestrial intelligence, conflicts occur between you and the scientific community. Did this information consequences for you?

- Moments in which information about the replication experiment, in which I participated, it was very delicate in terms of the arrogant behavior of the government to the academy. Also, I was crucified by my colleagues and the Bulgarian society, but on behalf of about 15 I got mail from abroad. Is highly interested in my business the Chinese Academy of Sciences, since there also have interest in these circles, which suggest that they are the work of human hands. (It is a strange geometric shapes in the grain found in various places in the world - b. Order.)

It shows us that only in this topic ban. After all the information my colleagues from BAS, who worked with me on this issue, drew aside. First day after the incident initiated a subscription to be removed from the post of Deputy Director of the Institute for Space Studies. Claimed that I pozoryal science. I ask anyone except the researchers should examine such phenomena. Only I'm not slow. Science is done with courage, not with fear. In the academy has no feudal elders and elders in mentality, cowards. These people should go.

- Tell, what exactly was this experiment?

- First I want to emphasize that the Institute for Space Studies, nor of Sciences have been engaged in research on these cereal circles. Three years ago I was offered to meet with the development of Mariana Vezneva. It is believed that it was the first and only so far in the world that managed to decipher the information in crop circles, and may make a dialogue with their creators.

These circles appear around the world, after a period away. This year from May to June occurred around 150 such throughout the land. Even in Bulgaria there was such circles in wheat fields in Dobrudja and Rila, but we have decided that this is a step in the grass and mow them. About Vezneva there is a whole group of doctors, linguists, a strange society that deals with the subject.

That I did not care. It was explained that it within 6-7 years has worked on these rounds and found that there are characters in them who have given information. It is said that there is one that kicks off the end of the world in 2012, the dangers of global warming and the threat of asteroid impact. These are things known to science.

To me I noticed that her ideas were converted into flagship of several sects, which kicks off apocalypse. It motivates me to join in this "game" to not fall entirely under the control of this sect, as it is on the verge of religion. I offered to talk to several of my colleagues - physicists, astronomers, to participate in this group. At the end of last year I suggested instead to be read by all those Vezdeva drawings that appear all over the globe, she asked several questions to the creators of these circles. We set about thirty a few questions and got 30 Responses to them.

- How exactly Vezneva contact with the creators of these pictograms?

- I like it a phenomenon is not clear to me, falls into a trance, receives impulses from above or below, do not know. During the experiment, it was said that Uarkshiyls have received such drawings. Was not answered why there have appeared.

It prerisuva circles and while working, you get the ability to interpret symbols in them. One looked like an Indian head, ie there will be some upheaval, which was actually made in the Mayan calendar. One very interesting paintings symbolized the children in vitro. With this symbol, they want it or tell us that this method of artificial fertilization is unacceptable, since the relationship between prejudice and child and maternal involvement in biological processes.

One of the economists a question what should be done in order to not repeat the economic crisis. According to drawing weapons must be abolished and no segregation of rich and poor. This case and a new form of human development, where he began to work with both hemispheres of the brain.

- How reliable do you answer these questions?

- Vezneva also read the answers to these questions. Her reading has personally. When I wrote the conclusion on this experiment, we recommend in the future to objectively analyze the phenomenon as Vezneva sitter and interpreter as moisture and light fantasy decorate it. The important thing was that a certain place in England where there is one round, got concrete answers to our questions.

Besides analyzing these data we need to do research and other circles, because the drawings are a means of communication in which both parties know their alphabet, and so I draw pictures. For me this is a very early stage of contact with the other information environment that is not clear whether or not civilization, whether it is close or far away. In the pictograms have information, but it came from, I can not say, and I can not say whether the product of extraterrestrial intelligence. Even some colleagues saying: "Abe may not have depicted them alone."

- Can still be a human trial?

- The fact is that these are not steps as the grain is always bent at 45 degrees and the grain falls from the classes, which continue to grow. After 10 days the circles disappear. It is proven that people do not paint them. This is like a holographic image - with a laser beam can draw and transfer information. However, we do not know whether this is done with electromagnetic radiation. Apparently the universe has other types of information fields. Have tried various crooks to collect money in this way, but this is not the same. Vezneva We even asked them if they ask such circles occur in Bulgaria, to enable them to explore.

- How can you guarantee that rely on this information correct?

- We are not advanced enough to say that we understand all the information. Must expand the circle of people who will rely not only Vezneva. We have something that gives us such information, but whether it is true, it is not clear. I warned even then that should not startle people with information that in 2012, coming apocalypse. There is no evidence the planet Nibiru approaching to land, if it was big as our planet would already be visible. The important thing is that this information be interpreted unambiguously.

- If the information is reliable circles, can disaster be prevented?

- Everything is reversible. If we use this information well, we could do prevention. Some colleagues believe that such can not provide for an earthquake, but it felt animals, suggesting that there is any form field, which predicts them.

- You, as a scholar will comment on how such phenomena as the prophetess Vanga?

- At the time, in Russia there were many Vlail Kaznacheev respected scientist who speaks about the so-called neosfera which is wrapped around the Earth. It collects data field in which human life generates its mental energy. Such phenomena as Vanga able to derive information from neosferata. Probably in the universe than there are mental electromagnetic energy, but we did not know what it is.

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Dear David Icke forum users,

i have followed the Dr Fillipov story with some interest. I am very suspect on the results of using channelled information. Many times it has been shown that this onformation is just coming out of the mind of the channeler and not from some distant source. Look up the subject of "Cold Reading" for further information.

I am a human crop circle maker. I am quite well known. Figure this, when I have myself asked reputed channels to tell me what or who makes the crop circles I have been told ALIENS. How can this be when I know it to not be the truth. Ok you might be questioning why I might say this and the usual time worn things get thrown up like "disinformation" or "I work for the govenment". However that is not true. I am a normal peron just like all of you. Making crop circles is not beyond the likes of any of you to do, it really isnt. If your slightly artistic or not it doesnt make any difference, you could do it.

To try and help Dr Fillipov I wrote an open letter to him and his group of email friends. I hope he takes me up on the points I make and comes out to see crop circles being made under real conditions. This is the only way we can help people to understand the truth.

Before any of you give up on me... read my letter. I do believe in the paranormal and I believe crop circles attract paranormal events, however i am adamant on the origins of circles being human because I have the isnide facts on this.

check out my video Circlemakers on youtube its 3hrs long or "Croppies" on my channel truthseekers666 (and yes the 666 is a joke - because this seems for some reason to rreak people out, its just a number folks. Like 2012 just a number, no real significance and no we arent going to die in 2012... hehe)

Heres my open letter~:

Dear Professor Filipov

I am writing to you with thanks for including me on your exchange list. When I first wrote to you I urged you to look at my information contained on my Youtube page relating to crop circles and similar materials.

I would note to you that whilst I am a human circlemaker and confident that I know for certain that nearly all (yes all) circles are made by people that this is not the important point relating to crop circles. The issue of where crop circles come from has long been argued on a science point of view however it is clear that from the crop circle research community there has been a lot of problematic areas of factual research. Firstly there are a lot of persons who are claiming expert knowledge backgrounds like Prof Michael Glickman who is infact not a professor and Dr Levengood who is infact not a doctor. This type of fake credentials is destroying credibility in the so called research that has been done. Since our exposure of the fact that these people have faked their credentials they have now stopped using them, but their research work is still taken seriously by those who claim that professional fakery of this kind is irrelevant. I feel it is seriously dangerous to fake professional credentials.

Take for example "blown nodes" research done by Mr Levengood. This study concludes that microwave damage has caused the plants to literally explode from the inside. Why has this work not been taken seriously by other bio-physicists. The answer is simple. The blown nodes are nothing more than natural plant effects from an effect called Phototropism where a plant grows towards the light. The knuckles (nodes) where the plant bends becomes stretched and splits open and then the fluid of the plant leaks out and turns black. The fluid is described as a yeast like substance. All of these facts have been investigated by an independent science team from Italy who I can put you in touch with if you wish to learn more facts.

The origin of the circles being human should not be in question. Stories of circles appearing in daylight are silly and I have gone a long way to explain why these stories have occurred. I think there are a lot of crazy people who get attracted to the subject of crop circles because of the "significant" concept that if made by Aliens then this must be significant. When you add easily swayed or imaginative people into the mix of perception of circles or potential misinterpretation of events such as seeing a UFO then a crop circle appears, then people will tend to entangle these events together and connect them when infact they are separate events. People will tend to say "the crop circle was made by the UFO" when no evidence exists to link the two as anything other than separate events. There are real charlatans who regularly create "UFOs were seen making the crop circle" stories and we know who these culprits are and how they operate. Hopefully you will learn to quickly discard these people from your research.

One of the areas of interest I do hold credit in is that the human circlemakers have had strange events take place whilst making circles. These events include seeing balls of light come into the areas where we are making circles. We have had telepathic intuitions to do certain designs which have significance to other people who have either predicted the circles appearance or been meditating asking for these specific shapes to appear. Circlemakers have then felt empowered to go out and do these designs. So in this area only I would say there is a real and direct interactive phenomena taking place. Being a circlemaker I am very much able to state that most researchers into the subject are very unawilling to take on board the possibility that the human circlemakers are infact acting as a conduit for circle design ideas as the believers are very much wanting the circles to come directly from the hands and feet of aliens or by being etched into the fields by some for of laser or plasma device. The reality that it is humans doing the designs but perhaps guided in some way from an unknown idea source is something that is very much hated by believer researchers. The fact that most researchers will not speak to circlemakers and deny their very existence is proof of a religious type belief system in place and at work to cover up the truth of who is making the circles.

I would put it to you that there is a very easy way to see if what I am saying is true and that we create the biggest and the best circles out there and that is to not be swayed by opinions or conjecture on the subject but to apply the rigid scientific principle and see if a result can be duplicated. This is the essence of science and cannot be ignored. So what I would suggest to you is that you employ our services potentially free of charge to create circles for you as a demonstration of our capabilities. Then you must sit back and say nothing to anyone involved in circles research (so as to not colour their opinions) and watch how the crop circles research community reacts to the circles we have just created and you will then know that it is us that are the true authors of the crop circles. You will get to witness how stories of UFOs being seen when the circles are created or that the circles were not present early in the morning and then magically appeared in 10 minutes, all the usual nonsense. However you having been present to witness the creation will mean that you are 100% sure that these stories are always generated by man made circles. You will soon come to ally yourself with us and the truth. Only if you are an inside participant in seeing circles created will you get to know how such stories and Chinese whispers will create major hype and hysteria and resulting stories will follow. It will be very useful for you to see fully how this myth creation mechanism works.

You will find that many researchers in the crop circle world will try their best to convince you not to work with us. Why? The answer is simple they fear you being convinced by us and they wish to steer you away from the simple truths and entwine you in myths and unanswerable mysteries. This is not science it is belief and should take no place in the work I am sure you are trying to do, which I hope is finding out answers and presenting the truth.

Religious blind beliefs which deny the ultimate truths should have no place in a scientific enquiry into the crop circles and if you are serious about finding out the answers then I can help you and also put you in touch with many science based researchers who over the years have changed their minds to know that humans make the circles after working with us. I feel it would be a crime to not give you the opportunity to start off on the correct foot and not get steered into a path of religious dogma belief that circles arrive via spacecraft and aliens. The true deeper meaning of how human circlemakers get their inspiration and how circles researchers are also getting their ideas of which circles may appear is the real UNTOLD STORY which needs exposure. Sadly I think not many people want to know the truth. I find that the truth we put forward is often overlooked because people want circles to be 100% alien and this is a powerful force of belief you will find yourself fighting against. If you declare your friendship or even wish to work with circlemakers you should understand that many in the research community will disown you and will refuse to have contact with you! Trust me you are better saying nothing about working with us. They will turn on you like rabid dogs if they know you plan to work with us. This should tell you something of the truth of which I speak if nothing else.

The circlemakers are happy to work with a man of your standing to help you not get fooled by the bad research that exists out there.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Williams

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