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Originally Posted by tracker View Post
David icke has taken you nowhere !

he has only given truth !

where you take that truth is your doing !

if you think its a war , the war lays in your hands and has nothing to do with you being lead there !
also , if you are easily lead into a war , take responsability for your actions and do not blame them on others leading you to them .

David did not make or start any war !

if there is a war , it was started a long time before he came along , also , if i tell you something , does that mean i have lead you into a war ? no of course not .


and just because youve had a funny day , it has nothing to do with David Icke !

rolls eyes !
Sorry but you can say that about N.W.O yo have only taken your self to where you are in this time fear is only fear "money is only money "fear" ?" and life is only life what do you make of it" ? lol
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