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By now it was nearly first light.. He found a small wadi to hide in but realized only when it was too late that he was also just 1,600 feet away from a small village, and the top of the wadi was in full view.. He was stuck.. He tried to sleep but was so cold and wet that every time he dozed off he woke up again minutes later, shivering uncontrollably. Inspecting his feet, he found that he'd lost all his toenails, and that the blisters along the sides of his feet had connected up into long cuts that were weeping pus..So much for the 100 pounds go faster mountain boots..

He moved out again just after last light and was soon having to boxaround military and civilian locations. There seemed to be hundreds of them,and the result was that between 1830 that evening and 0500 the next morning he covered only 6 miles..For his next LUP Chris climbed down a short way from the top of a 600 feet cliff face. He lay in a fissure in the rock, watching village life on the opposite bank--kids running around, women in black kit, people washing and fishing..

He moved off again soon after last light and found himself sandwiched between the river on his right and a road on his left. Cross-graining the wadis exhausted him, and he ended up practically walking on the road.. At one point he heard the sound of a vehicle and jumped into the ditch. He peered through the sight at the Scud convoy that was thundering by overhead..
He made a note of the time and place and moved on...

Most hiking boots are constructed of leather, sometimes with a breathable waterproof lining, such as Gore-Tex. However, the shoes are not comparable to rubber boots when it comes to being waterproof and drying quickly, making it difficult to cross rivers while keeping the inside of the boot dry.. Although there are rubber lace-up boots designed for hiking purposes, rubber hiking boots are not ideal for extensive use because the feet cannot breathe and sweat extensively, which can lead to foot problems such as blisters, fungal infections and trench foot.. These drawbacks negate any advantage rubber boots have in keeping out external moisture. However non-rubber hiking boots are generally quite expensive and Require more care... guy back there, the one we just passed.. The guy who picked me up before you did..That was him in there?.Sure it was.. He couldn't have walked very far..Why's that?..Because I cut off his legs..and his arms..and his Head..Actually we're all from Mars around here, we keep our spaceship out back.. So..what planet are you from...

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