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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
What a load of bull.

He could not of been voted in by electoral college, if he was hated by the american gov, or elites of anglo american empire.

Cambridge analytica did alot of work to put him in. Thats a british intelligence front company, that sub contracts out to israelis.

So the anglo american israelis, put trump in, ie there elites.

You pro trump people brought his con.

He owes being president, to the elites, of uk, usa, and israel.

Trump is practically israelis foreign minister.
That alone is enough for anyone to not like him, despite the way, he is easily not likeable.
You genuinely think cambridge analytica got him elected ?

With some facebook ads ?

music sound and movement

They might drain the swamp but the snakes are still in the grass

It's symbolic of his struggle against reality
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