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Originally Posted by petercookie View Post
Thats the question.

say you come into a situation where you had to totally rely on liveing off the land, how would you do it(food wise, even add how u would make shelters ect if you want)?.

this is a sort of imagination thing, where you can think what you would do and post it here. Where would you go?, what would you do?, and most importantly what would you eat?

I am no expert on this and have been thinking that if you had to rely on wild food, one of the main things you would need is food high in carbs, like roots and nuts mostly. what roots are the best nutritionally speaking???

I think i would mostly try to fish for my protein and collect shell fish. For vitimans and greens i would eat nettles, dandelion, red clover, ramsons, and mix in other edible leaves (although not to tasty, they are edible - like red valerian, rosebay willowherb ect

Now for the roots and carbs it is the difficult question, i only know afew edible roots and that is, catstail, burdock, dandelion, goatsbeard,thistles. Nuts i would go with acorns and hazel nuts, walnuts, beech nuts but the thing with nuts is that they are a seasonal thing, mostly only available in the winter time and for a short period.

FRUITS- i nearly forgot about fruits, blackberry/bramble, hawthorn berrys, wild cherrys, apples, plums...

Does anyone know any wild foods which are the high in calories?


I am mostly talking about uk wild food here but add what ever you want.....

why didnt you just look up the survival section of this forum ?

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