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They are doing everything they can to keep us out of the sky. In the 60s there were so many private planes a nice used one was around $5,000 dollars. In the 70s they regulated most of them right out of the air. Then came the no fly zones. Then came the closing of most of the private airports. Now commercial flights are at 36,000 feet. Hooray for the illegal monopoly. They spray chemicals to cloud everything over and fly above them because everything is a deep dark military secret.

An example of ridiculous regulations for planes look up the requirements for engine rebuilds and ground test hours. No matter what you can tell if a rebuild is good after 5 hours of operation. This is ball busting to the extreme not to mention deliberately wearing someones engine out on purpose. Hours in the sky to keep your license? They had all kinds of crap to make you stay on the ground.

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