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Originally Posted by clachan View Post
OK, tasers are NOT GOOD,but every other police force in the world carries firearms,[the garda in Ireland being the exeption]would you rather the uk police carry 9mm sub machine guns/pistols ?
The problem is: officers would not abuse the use of firearms, and definitely will not use them to torture anyone.

Even batons cannot be abused so easily; because they leave wounds and marks that can be used as evidences against the officers.

However, tasers leave no marks, can be perfectly used for torture (as it has happened thousands of times before), they can be used to interrogate suspects (as it also happened before), they are constantly abused and misused, and the most important: they also kill, even when it was not intended and much less justified.

For all these reasons, given the choice between the two... I prefer firearms.

But as CB said, when I came to the UK I was amazed at how good the British police was compared with most other countries (including mine), and without carrying any lethal weapon. And even though they are also far from perfect, it is a shame to see how they are losing their good name by engaging in these deplorable practices (condemned by all human rights associations).

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