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Fundamentally I feel that we need a new language, however the irony being that what I mean by "language" extends beyond what people consider to be language.

Language structures thought just as much as it represents it. Thoughts become things. Language extends beyond written and spoken words, it encompasses a wide range of aesthetic values which cannot be reduced to words alone. Art and music are languages. Ecology is a language. All ideologies are languages. Memes create ever more recursive languages.

The issue I consider is that the languages systems we have developed have reinforced an anthropocentric and androcentric worldview which has cut us off from the natural World and divorced body from mind, it plays out across every level of society. We have forfeit our human-beingness with human-doingness.

There is a lot to be learnt from indigenous languages, they do not enforce time-binding and are much more grounded in the somatic here and now. I am going to study this further as well as process philosophy and object-oriented ontology.

Originally Posted by Terence McKenna
We can only move as fast as the evolution of our language.

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