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Originally Posted by echoes_of_a_dream View Post
Yep, I agree... lol, it was actually very tiring doing all that talking, I talked quickly because of youtube time limits also.

I am fascinated by how occult the music industry has become, then again it is an ideal environment to program people within. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be that much "outside the box" in the music industry, if they aren't puppets then they mimic the puppets because they start the trends.

Have you heard of Jamendo? That seems like a good source of musical creativity and it's open source too
Yes, I hear what you're saying about the Youtube time constraints.

You're right about the way in which music has been dumbed down. I guess I was more referring to some of the past masters of the art (there aren't too many around now).

I wonder somehow if the music industry is also becoming more occult because in part, people are unknowingly calling out that aspect?

What I mean is this: Yes, there are people inside the industry putting symbolic things in the lyrics, videos, logos etc. However, they've been 'rumbled' now...i.e. many people now KNOW what's going on and can decode it. Yet in a strange way, some people now almost expect mainstream popular music to contain these many people are waiting for the next Lady Gaga video to see how many masonic references they can find? They will give the videos many hits on Youtube. The artists themselves can use this to their advantage.

It's just a concept I'm playing with, hope it makes sense.

I'll check out Jamendo too, thanks.
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