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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
men are the 'oppressors' and women are therefore automatically the 'oppressed'

It is not case specific. You don't judge each case on its individual merits under PC rules. How identity politics work is that you must ALWAYS side with the person in your identity group even if they are in the wrong because identity politics is essentially supremacist politics

So the female supremacists perceive themselves to be in a war against men and that means that in ANY situation the sisterhood must AUTOMATICALLY rally around the female. It doesn't matter it the female is a lying psychopath like hilary clinton she is female and therefore she's on their team

This is because they draw the battlelines not along lines of which people are honest or reasonable. They draw the battlelines along identity lines and that does not allow for any nuance
Sounds like you think women are the oppressors, which would suggest a view that men are innately better than women. Lol.


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