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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
It depends what you mean by better. It is true that they have a greater capacity to do good. However, whether they choose to do good but whether they choose to do so because of possibly outside influence is a different matter. I firmly believe it takes more training to get a woman to kill than a man though I have not been in any of the forces. I saw a play many many years ago. It starts off with a girls parents arguing and she runs away. It finishes with her changing into different clothes and being befriended by two girls who one assumes are prostitutes.
maybe men and women do harm in different ways

I once heard it said that a mans weapon is the sword but a womans weapon is poison

so if a mans greater physical strength is his sword then womens use of social media to shame men is poison

there is room for misuse with both
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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