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I've been researching censorship through history vancity it's an interesting topic

Aristophanes (c.448-c.380 B.C.) had comedies banned in A.D 66

Then again in 1942.

Why ?

Anti War apparently.

It makes me want to view his plays , if the message carried in them can resonate in 66 A.D and also in 1942 then wow , perhaps it contains a rare glimpse into the human condition that transcends time

I don't think the condition of being human is helped when discussion is stifled and opinions muted or even worse banished entirely

Part of experiencing being human is having thoughts, and how else are you meant to further your understanding of the world other than voicing the thoughts and either having them confirmed or corrected ?

This goes much further than wanting to stop racist remarks or hate speech , what do you make of Codex Alimentarius ?

The Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements were adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission as a new global standard at its meeting in Rome, Italy, in July 2005. Drafted using the European Union's restrictive Food Supplements Directive as a blueprint, the Guidelines mandate the setting of restrictive upper limits on the dosages of vitamins and minerals, and the prohibiting of claims that vitamin and mineral supplements are suitable for use in the prevention, alleviation, treatment or cure of disease.
I think they could be suitable and useful in some respects combined with other healing techniques we are fortunate to know.

I think there are more issues in the world that transcend race than not

I also think there are more things to enjoy that transcend race too , some of which are listed in my signature every time I post
music sound and movement

They might drain the swamp but the snakes are still in the grass

It's symbolic of his struggle against reality
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