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Both the one world free of borders idea and the nationalist separation idea are logical. They are both valid ideas within their internal logic. Trouble is no-one actually meets up to discuss it in any rational way. We have hardliners that exaggerate this divide and call each other idea evil, and espouse the logic of it in exaggerated illogical ways. We have people that folow the rhetoric and fall into whichever camp. We have division and wars, secrecy, distrust, political policies overt and covert that run roughshod over whichever idea is in opposition, agenda, lies and general bullshit. Just ‘cos we can’t get together and rationalise it over a nice cup of tea.

The world’s f-in insane, but you can free yourself from the insanity. You just have to let go of those ideas for a while. Most folks aren’t prepared to do that though, ‘cos it gives the opposition freedom to manouvre and that would be too costly. So it continues. It’s all an illusion of course, all sides are both right and wrong, but hey ho! What is this fucking hippy shit, we need WAR, Jesus loves guns! Lol.
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