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Default Smart Meters Central Communications Hub and Google

The plan is for a Central Communcations Hub (UK) to gather all the data from the utility meters and different suppliers which should be up and running by 2014 however this is only the tip of the iceberg as it transpires that 'interested parties' to operate the central hub (and use the data) are Google, BT and a few others.

It so happens that UK 'Google Energy' has recently been awarded a license to sell electricity and gas thus they are not only keen to retrieve your data from your Smart meters but to use it accordingly for marketing purposes or 'specific means'. It was also mentioned that an empty house could remotely have the capacity capped and limted to use energy saving lighting and other users targeted accordingly to their consumption.

There is a court case pending in USA regarding the breach of data and personal security and as I understand the UK Govt is waiting for the results of this case. I was also told that Sweden and Italy have started removing the meters so it isn't cut and dry by a long way and when people realise who is behind this and what the intentions are they may start to wise up and refuse...

Data and Communications Company

1.5. Communication of data to and from smart meters in the domestic sector will be managed centrally by a
new, GB-wide function covering both the electricity and gas sectors. We refer to this new function as the
central data and communications company (DCC).

1.6. The new central data and communications function will provide a two-way communications channel
between smart meters and a central communications hub to which smart meter data users (energy
suppliers, network companies and other authorised third parties) will have access for specified purposes.
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