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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Im not trying to portray anything..
But If I see glaring anomalies, I will comment..
I cant even see one speck of blood in that picture..considering what we have been told to believe regarding the story, its seems incredible.

You seem to think that is a perfectly normal bloodless scene from a blunt force trauma death, but many of us question the events that certainly dont appear to be based in any logic

Can you imagine how fast the victims heart rate would be going before death, and she suffered no lacerations to her skin through the event?
Either that pic is wrong, or the story is wrong..but something is not right about this, and her being a high profile banker makes it even more suspicious round here!
Or your understanding of what happened is wrong

Remember you are basing your assessment on witness statements (always unreliable) and Newspaper reports - which sensationalise the unreliable witness statements - as such half the stuff that dosent seem to add up - probably didn't happen.

There would be more credibility in a claim that there was a explosive device in the engine and a 2nd charge directing shrapnel (using aircraft materials) directed at her seat in an effort to silence her, than there is in the idea its all a hoax possibly so she can be snuck off to Mars.
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