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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post

So she wasn’t completely sucked out of the plane and after the “hero” plane passengers got her back in, they tried to reanimate her by CPR…
How could the brave heroes pull her back in without being sucked out themselves?

In these 2 stories, no blood is mentioned. If she was hit by shrapnel it seems unlikely that there was no blood.
Did they change the official story?
Part 1 is simple

The plane had decompressed so there was no chance of being sucked out as she was by all the air leaving very quickly.

The slipstream effect may ( probably would) pull you out of an open door but its not enough to drag you against the window. Her body would also have been blocking the window so they could be closer without feeling it.

The slipstream pulling on her is probably why pulling her in was so difficult - its a few hundred mph wind

Part 2

Was she hit by shrapnel - Papers say that but it could be 1+1=5 again - I dont recall hearing an official statement to that effect

Think how fast it was going had it hit her I Would expect it to make a real mess.
Its as likely she wasn't hit and injuries sustained were caused by going through the window and striking the frame or by being repeatedly smashed against the fuselage - neither would necessarily result in blood spatter in the cabin
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