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Lightbulb 2019

Another World Clarice..

Gulf War (161/162 of 374) Desert Storm Broadcast (New Zealand) 25th January 1991..

Friday Sermon - The Gulf Crisis & the New World Order..Fundamental Difference Between Political Wars & Jihad - Robert Hager is an analyst and a former correspondent for the US TV network NBC News, he started his journalism career in radio before moving to network news, and began his work at NBC in June 1969, covering the Vietnam War - - During his time at Pendleton, Chris Johnson submitted a short introduction video to BBC Three as part of their Be On TV campaign - Jared Nelson Cowen is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, who is currently an unrestricted free agent - Nigel Melker is a Dutch racing driver - Saint Tatiana is patron saint of students... to the wind blow, watch the sun rise..This is a daylight raid, gentlemen..Air Force, Marines, Navy, everything we got..Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night...

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