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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
transhumanism definately but also affirmative action

so instead of the best candidates for something being picked people will have to employ a percentage of different groups

so if for example a census establishes the current percentage of the population that is trans is for example 3% then they'd have to ensure that 3% of employees or applicants are trans whether they are the best candidates or not

its the next logical step for these 'progressive' fruitcakes because they argue that no group is inherently better at any task therefore the reason some groups are more represented in some areas must be down to human prejudice rather then pragmatic practise.

so under that logic the imbalances MUST be readressed by big brother imposing affirmative action quotas

Also trans would need to have their own bathrooms as would, under the same logic, any other group who self identified as different from the standard male/female identifiers

Its a slippery slope to madness
And one that true nature never follows.
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