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Originally Posted by TBZD View Post
David Icke says don't believe the MSM yet every day publishes articles mainly from the right wing Daily Mail and usually attacking migrants, for people to take seriously and believe. It makes no sense. If the MSM is owned by the NWO why would he think it was telling the truth.
The headlines of this website take news stories from many different sources

Those news stories will not explain the conspiracy to you

All those news stories do is give you little pieces of the puzzle

It is upto you to take all those pieces and put them together to see the bigger picture

david makes regular dot connector videos in which he helps people take those pieces of information from newspapers and other sources and then make sense of them in terms of the big picture and in terms of the conspiracy

if you really listened to what 'conspiracy theorists' were saying you would know that they are not blaming immigrants for the problems in the world; they are blaming a very powerful cabal of people who own all the mega-corporations

That cabal are using MASS large scale immigration as a way to water down any sense of national identity people in various countries have

This is because they are pursuing a conspiracy to build a world government which they would control. That world government can only exist if people agree to let go of their countries and in order to destroy countries the cabal are using mass immigration

The immigrants are merely tools in that process and are not conspirators in that conspiracy

I have never heard david blame immigrants for that conspiracy. not once

I have heard david speak of a cabal that is laughably small in number compared to the wider human population
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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