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Default About Disclosure

So far there has been nothing. There have been rumors. The rumors state that they would release electromagnetic healing and antigravity. Well that would be a poor start. Those should have been released at least 70 years ago. Russia has been using the black box for years. Who do we credit with the box in the western nations. Tesla or Royal Rife? Here we are talking about inventions before the 1930s. Where does the antigravity come from? Post world Germany or something archeology dug up? Not that these things would not be appreciated but they are way late in the game. It's time they put "modern" technology on the table. They can make you young again. They have a smart pill. They have free energy. They have space travel, teleportation, and, many other things hidden like time travel.

I expect full disclosure. Secrets have been used to hold the humans on Earth hostage long enough.
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