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Originally Posted by tejas View Post
I disagree, and from what Ive read of mellen so does he. I think he promotes having a healthyego
Tejas this is the crux of the problem, what exactly is a healthy ego?

The ego is a false premise to begin with. It is the you which has been constructed over time through detailing and experience. For most the world is viewed and analysed through this manifested false "me." How would you know who you were if it were not for the society you grew up in and the experiences you`ve had. The reality is, you wouldn`t.

transcendent truth should be realised after you have fully healed your ego, have a postive outlook, getting rid of excess emotional garbage, and have a decent enough personal ego-personality to deal with any other stuff that may come up.
And plenty of stuff will come to replace the emotional garbage you`ve just disgarded once you`re operating out of ego.

Positivity and negativity are two sides of the one coin. When you allign yourself with one, you automatically attract the other. If you want to create something in your life then of course be positive, believe it will come about and take decisive action towards your goal. However your positives will draw negatives along the way, as will your negatives draw on positives.

This is real wisdom, then once your in the place where you fully love your life and are happy - youll be free.
You are free... All you have is to realize this. When you say "love your life" however, you`re implying there are two. There is you, and this thing called your life. You`re one being, realize it.

Yes the mind craves meaning, but what is wrong with that?
There`s nothing wrong with it if you wish to stay alligned to ego and remain in the illusion. Most people are thirsting to get out, even if they don`t yet know what they`re looking for. They`re already free but attachment to mind/thoughts/things/people and stuff, has confused them and most remain locked in this world of ego you mention.

... so why not make life meaningful? Isn't that a more pleasant experience?
Again we`re back into the duality box; pleasant and unpleasant, healthy and unhealthy, big and small. If you wish to live like this, that`s fine.

Why are you here in the first place?
I have no idea, does anyone?

You as a soul are obviously here to experience the mind, because quite frankly for some reason the 'void' of pure existence got boring, you wanted to experience things, so here you are. So don't give me all this, attached to mind stuff, you need to have a healthy mind in order to live and to existance, your ego is a great tool. Love thy ego.
Do you really know what a soul is? I don`t know if I have a soul and I couldn`t care less.

You don`t need to have a healthy mind because there is no mind. If you want to see your ego as a tool, that`s fine. You`ll change your mind on that one some day.

Loving thy ego is loving something which is not real, Namaste.

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