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Originally Posted by orbandsceptre27 View Post
Again, because you`re attached to mind. You crave something "INCREDIBLY meaningful and purposeful," as you put it. The mind needs something to ponder.
All this ego-bashing is nonsense in my opinion. Yes you are meant to realise you infinity etc, transcend your ego.

I disagree, and from what Ive read of mellen so does he. I think he promotes having a healthyego other why would he say that you have to love your life? Isn't loving ones life egoicin nature.

This is huna practise, look at serge king, transcendent truth should be realised after you have fully healed your ego, have a postive outlook, getting rid of excess emotional garbage, and have a decent enough personal ego-personality to deal with any other stuff that may come up.

This is real wisdom, then once your in the place where you fully love your life and are happy - youll be free.

Yes the mind craves meaning, but what is wrong with that? The only meaning is the meaning to give to life says mellen, so why not make life meaningful? Isn't that a more pleasant experience?

Why are you here in the first place? You as a soul are obviously here to experience the mind, because quite frankly for some reason the 'void' of pure existence got boring, you wanted to experience things, so here you are. So don't give me all this, attached to mind stuff, you need to have a healthy mind in order to live and to existance, your ego is a great tool. Love thy ego.
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He who knows both knowledge and action,
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