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Great thread LiSW, I feel exactly the same.

Mellen is great, and I love his material, but sometimes I get confused and disagree with his choice of words, maybe or maybe I just dont like what he says ! But Id rather have that, as the truth, then some mumbo-jumbo guru telling me shit that is just plain wrong.

When he says there is no meaning to the universe I find that kind of heart breaking, but yet at the same time he says 'We are literally God-exploring God, Which I find to be an INCREDIBLY meaningful and purposeful. I find that very beautiful, the idea of GOD exploring itself, and attempting to know itself, which is what mellen explains in his NDE story. So I don't understand how he can say that the universe is meaningless.
Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

"Wisdom is knowing how little we know," - Socrates

He who knows both knowledge and action,
with action overcomes death and with
knowledge reaches immortality
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