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Hey LSW - nice interview ,

Originally Posted by lostinstrangeworld View Post
What good can such "wisdom" bring the soul-sick individual searching for knowledge to ease existence a make day to day life somehow easier to bear?

With the amount of struggles there are in the world, I think what we really want to know is that there is definitely a purpose to it all!
I notice you keep asking about what meaning/purpose there is to life.

part 4 - 8.08 mins in...

- "That was one of the questions I asked on the other side and it may shock people, I literally asked... ok what`s the plan?... and the light just lovingly laughed and said - there is no plan, there never was. You were given this universe to make of it what you will... and what`s really important is not thinking what God wants you to do, you know, what the universe wants you to do ....

... the only meaning there is to life is the meaning you give to life."
This is what I`m continually saying, only I realise you don`t want to hear it at present. You may also disregard what this man is saying - it`s up to you. You can keep searching, pondering and looking, but I`ve no doubt someday you`ll realise you don`t have to look for anything. Everything is just as it should be and the power/purpose and meaning of your own life is in your hands.

I hope this is of some help - When you`re ready to see the truth in it you will. If you`re not ready, then you`ll keep looking. Eitherways things are as they should be.

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