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My point is, we seem to take trust in things simply because the author has managed to get their words reproduced en mass in paper and ink....or because some besandled one spoke of them many years ago and enshrouded these teachings in mystery and placed them into scrolls by the moonlight to be hidden in caves and dwelling places of enchantment

But are these people any more than you and I...beings of flesh and blood and bone?

Ok, so they might be gifted with their charisma and way with words...but this is only because they have become good at it (a combination of practicing and also the stuff that can be accessed from one's dna...our genetic computer that we hand down to our children....which also comes from practice at the end of the day...and can be reprogrammed if we so chose). Bleh- long sentence!
All is consciousness!

I had more to add, but I've forgotten.
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