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Truth stream media claiming that the yellow vest protests are going to be used to justify the digitisation of society and the centralisation of everyones data

A pretty depressing analysis but its hard to fault what they are saying in the second half of the clip as its all true. Their big picture analysis in the second half of the clip is spot on imo

We know that the globalists want to build what bzrezinksi called the 'technotronic era' ie a technocracy where the globalists have everyones data and everyone is microchipped and their currency digitised and ultimately controlled by the state

I didn't however find anything strange with shops being closed during a protest as the french will use any excuse to close up for the day! There are also always agent provocateurs at these kind of events but the question is: who are they working for?

What's Really Going Down in Paris?

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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