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Originally Posted by deca View Post
verndewd and his utopia "hippy commune" solution to fix the world society/culture ......that only works in small like minded groups ....let one "bad apple" in and they are destroyed from within

away I will respect the op and leave as I only going to end up arguing.
better than being accountable to the world for a higher level of being? But Ive been there and worse, i completely understand the false reality you exist in because i lived it for 45 years. Maybe in time you will realize what i am saying is true. Till then i hope youre blessed with realizations of how to be more complimentary in discussion with others. i was an abused kid till i left home at 14 or 15, i was bullied and treated like shit by people and all i wanted was to be in truth with people which was the love i had. people were too intent on treating each other like crap, and because of my demeanor i had to beat down a few bullies once pushed to the edge all i had was self defense. All combative people understand is fighting. But anyway ive evolved out of it, decades of ptsd finally tapering into a constant state of positivity , getting back to what i knew as a kid by being it.
yeah its tough on earth, but you CAN change. what you give out is what you attract, i hope blessings of grace find you, it sounds like you need it.

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