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Originally Posted by deca View Post
what ever ...."been were I been" crack me up ....just post a link to a video showing were you "been" with YOU in it ...

here we go with the new age fluff again ....and the idea that somehow people create the own suffering...they bring it on themselves ....only naive people that's never been in real situations would believe this.....are YOU surrounded with a people that's a bit down , glum , unhappy and slightly depressed your "think nice thoughts" crap might work on them ...ok

er why are you participating in it then ?
also I am not lonely in the universe maybe thou with your wishes washy beliefs thou
no verndewd you don`t come over as a "genuine" human being to me
you post your new age nonsense that belittles peoples situation ...then run away saying you are above debate and the people that do are some how beneath you or have mental/spiritual problems...
I think youre just locked on your matrix conditioning to be divisive like most everyone else. doesnt seem like thats going to stop anytime soon for you as youve always been combative and derogatory to others.
Youre not a critical thinker because you dont question yourself. and you can say i havent changed myself and it doesnt reflect in my personal life but you arent privy to the fact that it is a fact.

and you call higher realization of source wishy washy new age crap but you are lying to yourself and others and defaming me for fear of a deeper experience as a being .you hate, youre filled with it. the precise thing i say isnt new age, its the basis of every shamanic and spiritual or religious ideal on the planet and always has been. you just reject it thinking you have some sort of superior position, but in reality its not realistic and its not intelligent. Not nearly as intelligent as heart born intelligence. but you can delude yourself as long as the day is and as long as you live. being a petty defamatory troll is a base animalistic philosophy, youre literally less intelligent than a well raised very loving dog.
You should choose to be intelligent im fairly certain youre capable of it

Everyone i interact with is happy and upbeat, i no longer interact with the others due to them having forced the need with theft and lies and delusions and damage to personal property. I wouldnt befriend a guy like you in real life because your perception is toxic.

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