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Originally Posted by simons reality View Post
You do have very valid points but it is not giving up that is the issue.

It is support and finances.

The best solution would be all these independent groups from NOTA, no party, the reset, Ubuntu etc etc to all get together; formulate a manifesto agreeable to all and then place candidates in all seats across the UK.

Even though i would love to stand as an independent, i do not have the support, my manifesto would be too controversial and i don't have the finances.

There are men/women out there who do have that leadership quality to take us to that next state of evolution but they are very few and far between.

If we really want change, we need ALL groups to stop the alternate arena in-fighting and get together as a collective to have a run at these elections.

We have less than 100 days to do this.
How long does it take to set-up a Facebook page?

A blog page?

Phone the local radio, newspaper??

How long does it take to print a few flyers?


If I were going to stand as an independent I'd spend the next month preparing, and then come March get out there with as many supporters as possible...

£500 is a lot of money to some people including myself, plus a few hundred more for the flyers etc. but sorting out your manifesto and then going outside and actually talking to people costs nothing...

I totally believe that the things that you need will come to you if your motivation, your heart is in the right place...
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