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Originally Posted by techman View Post
I don't think I've heard that one before. Is there any photo of video that shows this white paint seen underneath the wrecks peeling black paint?. Maybe the grey primer has turned to a different colour due to old age, also note that Titanic's name was engraved in the hull not a name plate.

John Hamer is the only current Titanic conspiracy researcher who is sure (well from the last talk he did on it, which was quite a while back) that the two ships were switched. But I don't think he fully realises the almost impossible job of altering all of the necessary things that would have made the switch foolproof. Furniture was even said to have been stamped with each ships identification (though Hamer believes that was just deliberate disinfo), as well as lifeboats marked with each ships assigned number, and not forgetting the propellers which were marked 401 and 400 (Titanic was 401). It's been shown many times that the wreck shows 401 on the propeller, as well as the name Titanic. So how can the wreck be Olympic?.

It could very well be that the primer has turned white due to being under water for all those years but there is grey patches showing up in this video.

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