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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Hallo James ....I did study astrology extensively when a young lad ... it does appear to work, to very limited extent , depending on the enthusiasm of the practitioner ...

If you fervently believe in a system it will tend to express itself in your life experience , you will attract people who conform to your belief setup (aries people you meet will be assertive, etc) ...

But I concluded there was no absolute truth in astrology , if there were there would be greater agreement amongst astrologers ...In western astrology we have two different groups.... some use the equal house system, others use the placedien house system , they give different results , but each group swears theirs is the best ....

Western astrology bears absolutely no relation to indian astrology , a totally different system ....

Or Mayan astrology , in the Mayan system venus is regarded as a WAR GOD how can this be??? in western astrology venus is peace harmony and love!!!

If there was any truth in it , all cultures would agree ...

It's a Belief System ... and your personal world will conform to the beliefs you hold ....

If you believe the world is dangerous you will attract muggers more than the average...

If you believe you deserve wealth you will tend to draw it to you..

And if you believe people with taurus on the ascendant are heavily built , then the universe will deliver those type of people into your reality .
I read that astrology will manifest in your life as if it didn't work yet if you applied it, you'd have believed it would work. I find this to be the reasoning behind people who practiced a version of astrology that didn't actually work, but they got something out of it - very much like the FORER effect which states that you believe whatever was put in front of you - like an astrology reading that was personalised just for you - despite everyone in the room having the same reading.

Using psychology, we attract what our parents are like. The amount of EXACT combinations of my Fathers astrology (Gemini rising with Mercury in Pisces) that my family have encountered is quite shocking, really. So, I can accept that these influences can manifest in anyone's life. And true: The law of attraction can operate, without astrology, in anyone's life, and even mine: To make ME think that the version of astrology that I'm practicing, works.

I imagined that, should I do a talk on astrology, some could use examples to show that my methods don't work, while I could show many examples that it does work. I could find a thousand examples where it does or doesn't work. The key to knowing whether it does or doesn't, is to find a way to show that it does or doesn't. I go by rectification: Working out the birth time (or rather, which one of twelve signs are on the horizon at birth) of a person, thing or object, and do it consistently over a long period of time.

The house argument makes a difference, though, the two groups are divided between modern and traditional astrologers - not by house system used. It's true that there's no actual truth in the astrology community today.

I don't use Chinese astrology - and am ignorant of it - but Indian astrology relies on the sidereal zodiac, which uses the positions of the planets in their signs in the skies - which has a different timing - as opposed to using the movement of planets around the ecliptic, like western astrologers do. You just need a way of testing astrology to be able to assess, informally, that each different works or doesn't.

As far as western astrology goes, I have VENUS as ruler of war too. It's the sign of the fighter
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