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Originally Posted by deca View Post
obviously you have an ego problem

look at the picture

now when you wake out of your trance....maybe we can talk about reality ok
thats technically a form of lateral violence, defaming or somehow publicly attempting to assert a bad light on anothers character. Rule of thumb in spirituality if its not love its hatred. so there is a psychology at work in you that has to do this because of a fear or a poor self image that youre trying to overcompensate for.

if youd been where ive been, experienced what i have and allowed the divine to bring your capacity to experience any happiness at all back to life,,,well, lets just hope thats a thing and your self imposed misery decides to become something similar. I know you feel like you need to bait and flame others but thats ego simply painting the false matrix in front of you.

we're brothers in a very large and lonely universal place, this combativeness is part of a psychological illusion that i dont toy with anymore, its not sincere and genuine being , its a stage play ad lib that is not as sane as love and joy. you are in fact reacting to the divisive. conflict prone programming and conditioning they want us all to partake in.

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