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Dog meat vendor dies after hitting himself with poisoned dart

A dog meat vendor in Hunan province died after accidentallly shooting himself with a poisoned dart fired from a crossbow that he used to kill dogs, mainland media reported.

The man was reportedly demonstrating how to use the toxic dart to other members of his meat-selling operation in June, when the crossbow went off and hit him in the leg, and he died on his way to hospital, several mainland media outlets said.

Five other members of the gang, who confessed to killing more than a 1,000 dogs as part of the operation, were later arrested. They said they froze the carcasses with the intention to later sell the meat.

Some Chinese believe eating dog meat will dispel evil ghosts and ward off disease. It is widely believed the meat can boost a man's sexual performance, and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine say it can help treat impotence.

The meat is popular in Hunan and in cities in Zhejiang , Guangxi and Guangdong provinces.

But aficionados face pressure from China's increasingly outspoken dog lovers and animal rights groups, who have been campaigning to end dog meat festivals.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Dog meat vendor dies from own poison

Vietnam: Death Penalty Given To Dog Thief

Vietnam is not a place to test sentiment. A judge in Ho Chi Minh City convicted 20 year-old Ho Van Hieu of murder and robbery and sentenced him to death for killing three people who were trying to catch him in the outskirt district of Cu Chi, in a botched up dog theft which took place last year.

The leader of the group Hieu [2nd from left in the photograph], ran the dog stealing gang in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi Districts. On June 14, 2014, Hieu and his accomplices were seen carrying three dead dogs on their two motorcycles while heading to a local market.

Three dog lovers, Huynh Kim Bao, 19, Nguyen Minh Phuong, 18 and Pham Nguyen Quoc Huu, 19, saw the thieves and chased them on Bao’s motorbike. The court was told that when the chasers caught up with the thieves, they attempted to attack with a machete.

Dog thieves’ stun gun, made from a slingshot and connected to the motorbike battery, to shoot powerful electrical arrows.

Hieu shot at Bao with his stun gun, made from a slingshot connected to the motorbike battery, which fired an electrical arrow. The arrow missed Bao, the driver, but hit the right arm of Nguyen Minh Phuong, the passenger who was seated in the middle. The electric shock was so great if forced the rear two passengers, Phuong and the man seated behind him, Pham Nguyen Quoc Huu, off the bike, at high speed.

At the same time, the driver of the motorbike, Bao, lost control of the motorbike and crashed into a resident’s house, where he died on the spot. The two severely injured passengers were rushed to hospital, but both died shortly afterward.

In an appalling act of callous regard, the four dog thieves continued on their journey to the market where they sold the three stolen dead dogs for VND960,000 (US$44.)

The names of the four dog thieves: Hieu, 20, Le Minh Hau, 20, Ho Thanh An, 20, and Pham Ngoc Thuan, 28 years-old. Two days later the group of four men surrendered before the police.

Under interrogation by Vietnamese police, the gang of dog thieves confessed to stealing 10 dogs in three previous cases, which they sold to dog traders.

After sentencing Hieu with the death penalty, the Judge then sentenced Hau to 12 years in prison, while An and Thuan were both sentenced to 10 years for thieving.

Saynotodogmeat.Net: one of the deceased man’s family were interviewed and through heartfelt tears, they wept as they spoke of their dead teenage son’s love of dogs and the pain he suffered when his own two pet dog was stolen by dog thieves just two days before his death. His parents said he was not able to get his dogs back and the pain in his heart stayed with their son.

When Bao heard the news that dog thieves were in his neighborhood again, Bao’s parents said that he and his friends did not hesitate to try and stop them. His parents wept as they said they didn’t know it would be the last time they would see him alive.

Bao’s body being sent home to his grieving family, for his funeral.

We are saddened to read the tragic circumstances in which this took place, but heartened to see Vietnamese law being measured out to the full extent. Vietnamese animal lovers are fed up with being bullied by dog thieves. They are no longer prepared to have their family and pets terrorized, beat-up or even killed by dog-meat thugs who stop at nothing to make a quick dollar.

Stolen dogs are often valued less than VND2 million (the threshold for criminal charges) so often thieves only suffer a fine, which has led some victims to vent their rage on the thieves in vigilante justice, instead of handing them over to police.

It is good to see the Vietnamese judicial system send a clear message to dog thieves that their days are numbered. Our Saynotodogmeat.Net team invite you to continue the journey with us, to fight to end the terrible pet meat trade – worldwide – and shut it down for good.

Michele Brown.

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