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Unhappy RIP Molly Russell.

So, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has recently produced its final report on social media, not long after images of Molly Russell were conveniently splashed all over our TV screens, for several days on end. The PTB always have to have a poster boy or poster girl don't they. Of course, anyone who disagrees, with any element of what is being proposed, must be a very horrid and uncaring person indeed.

Personally, I think Molly Russell would be turning in her grave, if she knew what was really being done in her name. I think her father would be furious too, but he is already too furious to see the wood from the trees. This is quite understandable and I certainly can't blame him in any way at all, for how he is acting. He was happily going through life, then he suddenly lost his lovely daughter and maybe disturbing images on social media did have something to do with it.

However, what should be smacking her father in the face is that it is now 2019. For how many years have teenagers been self-harming and killing themselves, over disturbing images on social media? And the PTB are suddenly going to leap into action over Molly Russell are they? Like hell are they, as it would cut into their profits. Furthermore, her father should notice that everything which is 'supposedly' now happening, over his daughter's demise, isn't just about removing disturbing images from social media. The discourse is all about removing 'harmful content' and having an 'independent body' do it. Yes, I think I might have some idea about what they mean by 'harmful content' and it's sod all to do with self-harm images. It's just another component of the vicious police state being sneakily foisted upon us. (Click on link for rest of bullshit.)

'Fake news, disinformation and social media regulation: All you need to know. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has produced its final report.

Social media sites should face a compulsory code of ethics in order to tackle harmful or illegal content online, a Commons committee has said. The report comes after a parliamentary inquiry into fake news by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. Here are some key questions around what it all means.'

I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
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