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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Wake up, oz. 7/7/2005 gives 777 (2+5=7) full reduction of numbers in dates are usually involved. 7+7+7=21
as when 1983 gives 777 (1+9+8+3=21) . 2+1= royalty., = divine right to rule. 21=7+7+7
You're fiddling the numbers grim !! ... too complex and disputable ...

Now 7/7/2007 ... 7/7/7...that would make even the most unawake look twice!!

Maybe they would have preferred 7/7/7 ... perhaps the broad strategic timetable did not allow waiting for 2 more years .... or perhaps they thought it would be too obvious and wake more people up and so went with 2+0+0+5 less noticeable by the masses , but people like you and I get it ... or, perhaps they're not too bothered.

And while we're at it , why did they let 6/6/6 pass by without a whisper???

If it suits them they use significant dates ... but it's not an overly important factor.

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