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Originally Posted by mrdragonfly1234 View Post
I had to accept that there are two of myselves. One who has been born decades ago and have lived so far and punching alphabets on the keyboard in my spare time. The other one has been slowly waking up and feeling desperate to understand why I am trapped here.

While the latter me wants to go anywhere if it can escape, the former me wants to control and give it a reasonable answer with the only tool that it has, the science.
then you clearly have split personality and some form of psychosis, and therefore should be locked up in a mental institution for the rest of your life, or until you are cured from these dillusionary thoughts.

on a serious note, the duality has to be accepted, one found.
All things by immortal power, near and far.
Hiddenly, to each other linked are.
Thou canst not stir a flower, without troubling of a star!

wouldn't it be terrible to never in your life have had anything important enough to risk it all for.

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