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Originally Posted by jmandalis View Post
The moon is a giant artificial construct that generates the earth hologram inside an artificial black hole. Earth is quarantined from the rest of the universe because this planet is disgusting and has contagion.
Nice opinion but doesn't match observable reality.

The fact that the moon is perfectly located at 1:400'th distance from the sun at the perfect size ratio of 1:400 the size of the sun should be a clue it was engineered. This phenomena does not exist with any of the natural moons in our solar system or the known universe.
Incorrect. The Moon has an elliptical orbit which varies the distance. Google annular eclipse for an example of what one looks like when the Moon is further away from earth.

Also, the moon does not rotate but always faces the same side against the earth.
The Moon DOES rotate, it performs one rotation per orbit, which is the reason it DOES face the earth. It is called tidal locking and this occurs throughout the solar system with other Moons. Our Moon also librates exposing more than 50% of its surface area...caused by elliptical orbit and barycentre between earth and Moon.
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