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Why eat meat?
Because it contains important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are beneficial for one's health. It also tastes good. (Essentially, the same reason one would choose to eat anything else--to fuel your body).

Dairy: Probiotic dairy foods like kefir and yogurt are extremely good for you, and it's difficult to get those benefits from any other foods. They also contain complete proteins and vitamins and minerals that are beneficial.

Eggs: Complete proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and all in a convenient package that has a long storage life. What's not to love?

All of the above contain fats, proteins, and nutrients that are healthful for humans to eat--provided the animals they came from were living on healthy food themselves, of course. (Just as veggies from depleted land are bad, animal foods from animals fed a poor diet are bad).
Our bodies are designed to make good use of them.

Why NOT eat meat, dairy, and eggs? They are all part of a complete and healthy diet for human beings. You could live off of plants, but it's far more challenging, and some individuals simply can't get all they need from plant matter alone, so why on earth would you bother?

I guess if you have some unusual health issues, or allergies, that make consuming animal products an issue for you, you could be vegan, but otherwise....why would you ever want to?
A vegan diet is an essentially unnatural diet for human beings, after all. It's always best to trust mother nature, she knows what she is doing.

Our environment designed us well...just as with all other species. We ignore that at our peril.

All other arguments invariably lead back to religion, which has often been the root of some pretty unhealthy and antisocial behavior in humans.
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