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Originally Posted by steppewar View Post
This is NOT a humour thread. Yesterday I opened a pouch of Sainsbury's salmon cat food, and when I was putting it in the bowl I discovered a strange small object.

I was going to send it to Sainsbury's with a letter of complaint, as it was small enough for my cat to swallow.

However, after doing some research I am convinced the object is an RFID chip.

Now I am wondering, how or why it ended up in there. I am also asking if there is any way to scan the information on the chip.

2 pictures below of it, plus a link to a site about RFID chips.
You should definitely follow this up, and find answers. If you can find someone with an RFID reader, get a reading and see what the chip reveals.

Let us know what happens.
"Many impossibles are simply unknowns. When the unknown becomes known, the impossible disappears"

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