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Default THINK about what you feed your pets !!!!

My goodness!! That is simply outregous !! I am disgusted.

Another reason NOT to give your pets tinned food...animals are meant to consume RAW meat and veg NOT cooked, processed poisons. Since when was the last time you saw an animal in the wild fire up a barbi and cook it's kill??? Do cats catch birds and mice and cook them or do they eat them RAW...

I am not having a go at the originator of this thread, this is just another good reason in my books to feed your pets fresh food, I think there is a deliberate agenda to not only make your pets ill (hence having to pay out vets' bills etc..) but also with the completely unnecessary jabs they get, the tinned food and the jabs are making pets SICK. Animals are getting human illnesses, which is a complete nonsence, animals should not get human illnesses, full stop !
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