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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
I met a speaker at the Exopolitics Conference was saying that regardless of how much disclosure is going on, the majority are still hard wired to soap operas when it come to ratings. The biggest enemy to disclosure are the general public who by and large, pay little or no attention to it.
Yet a huge amount of the public believe there is a chance aliens do exist, even if not visiting this world.

I guess you have to consider the fallout of full disclosure. Its possible that the War of the Worlds radio transmission was mean as a drill to test the public reaction to such an encounter, and it didnt go down well. The same thing was done in other countries too. With this in mind a gradual disclosure would be a lot more sensible as people often need time to change their ways of thinking in order to cope with new situations. You can just throw them in at the deep end but that would clearly be more risky, as history has shown. Believers just want it all out their because they are impatient but you have to consider the wider impact of a global level.
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