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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Can I ask you a really simple question?

What is this thread about?

OMG,..... I did a search and I can't find the original thread about the Michigan Dogman!!! (I hope it didn't drop off the end, forever..... maybe I need a different search name).

But,... if you have a couple months to kill, here is another thread that will give you a feel of what THIS thread is about..........

The short story is....... I made a 8mm film (Bigfoot-ish) that allegedly showed film evidence of the "Michigan Dogman". My film made it to the internet, via a radio DJ who INVENTED the Dogman Legend..... and *size_of_light* started a thread on David Icke about it. I discovered the site AND the thread and tortured EVERYONE with my bullshit backstory about the whole deal, until my film and my story finally made it to The History Channel's, "MonsterQuest".

It was fun.

And *size_of_light* asked in a different thread if I could re-post a pic of the physical 8mm film. I don't have the pic he wants, but *Ink* was nice enough to find and post it. I offered to re-post these pics in better resolution so he can continue to study my work. THAT is what this thread is about.

And,..... here are my three "Gable" films on YouTube..................

The first two film are silent..... but keep the volume up for part three. The sound comes in at the end..... it is funny.
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