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Originally Posted by strummer101 View Post
The world is certainly a poorer place today than it was yesterday, sad day.

I see Michael Eavis puts him alongside Sinatra & Elvis. Gambaccini (does he do anything other than comment when people die?) ranks him alongside Beethoven! I can sort of see what he means.

I think if you took any half-decent band over the last 30 years, they will have their Bowie influence somewhere.

Unfortunately it did give us Gary Numan as well but guess you take the rough with the smooth!

That 'Life on Mars' video, still a killer today.
well i think some would say that bowie stole a lot from iggy pop and the rest....who knows how much of it came directly from tavistock institute people eg gender bending alter egos like 'ziggy stardust'

But anyway....moving onto sinatra with his mafia links....wasn't he just a singer? Did he write anything of note?

Also elvis...he was another puppet of the system who was pushed forward to commodify and cheapen rock and roll as it grew out of a fusion of black gospel and blues and scottish folk music

They put up a whiteboy to do a silly dance and that was that everyone went fucking nuts thereby hijacking any other possible influence the emerging field of music might have had in an attempt to rob it of any artistic merit

and micheal eavis...well who knows what contacts he has who have helped him push the counter culture in the UK from his pyramid stage
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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